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  1. Maybe the revolving blue lights will make a comeback for this purpose. You never know.
  2. I think the revision to include blue and green lights/ volunteer fire and EMS is a very good thing. My concern is the following, if we are only allowed one blue light by law, which I personally obey this law, then unless you have a rear facing blue or green light on your vehicle, motorists would not be aware you are fire or EMS. I think the majority of us use a dash light. If they aren't aware, what would prompt them to obey the move over law and give us a safer scene to operate at. Just my thoughts.
  3. Very entertaining video!
  5. Seth, this link should give you the information you need. http://emergencyservices.westchestergov.com/images/stories/pdfs/communications/UHFplan.pdf
  6. Thanks Seth. As time allows I hope to be posting more fire scene photos for EMTBravo.
  7. I believe the hydrant was out of service. When Pelham Engine 5 arrived on scene they hit a hydrant 1/2 block away rather than that hydrant.
  8. Some photos from Mount Vernon's multi alarm fire on W. Sanford Blvd.
  9. Congratulations Hap. You will be missed. Enjoy your well deserved retirement.
  10. Date: 12/14/14 Time: 2112 Location:Oak Street and Chestnut Street Battalion 1 transmitting 2nd alarm for a 2 1/2 story wood frame with heavy fire on second and third floors. Defensive operation at this time. Fire D/W/H 2134: Battalion 1 reports 4 master streams and 2 hand lines in operation. Still exterior attack only. Requesting portable lighting and Rehab unit to scene. 2155: Car 4 reports structure is 3 story not 2 1/2 story. All visible fire knocked down. Companies going to interior operation. 2208: Car 4 reports interior attack cancelled due to structural instability. Exterior attack resuming with hand lines in operation in yard.
  11. Thanks for the update Stepjam. That's a lot of work on the trailer but the finished product will be worth it. Keep the updates coming.
  12. Excellent photos. Very nice.
  13. Nice kitbash Stepjam. That's going to look awesome when you have it completed. Post more photos as you progress. I have an extensive diecast fire truck collection and have done some minor kitbashing. I look forward to seeing more posts like this.
  14. I'll be up there also with my camera. Looking forward to seeing all the rigs and taking some pictures.
  15. The Baofeng radios are actually dual band VHF high and UHF band commercial transceivers that are capable of transmitting and receiving on public service frequencies and amateur radio (ham) frequencies within these bands. They are used by many ham radio operators due to their low cost. I am a licensed ham radio operator and own and operate one of these radios on the ham bands. Unfortunately, you are not required to be a licensed ham operator to purchase any radio. These radios being used by VAC members are not covered under the agency's FCC license and because they are capable of receiving public service frequencies, they are subject to the NYS scanner laws for mobile use unless you hold a valid amateur radio license. Lets hope that the unlicensed individuals that have these radios only use them for monitoring and not transmitting where they shouldn't. I am also a volunteer fire officer and a VAC member and only use agency issued portables and not the Baofeng for public service purposes.