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  1. A tragic loss for sure but not FD NY so that's why he isn't #344.
  2. He lives in Chicago. He needs all the protection he can get!!!
  3. Full-time coverage for the POTUS and first family is not the same as covering for a day or two for a special visit. I would be interested to know what Chicago did when the Obama's went home to Chicago during his presidency. Did Chicago FD provide dedicated companies to the residence?
  4. You're incorrect. President Obama changed that back to protection for life.
  5. Deja vu all over again!
  6. There are troopers assigned to the NYS side. But apparently since they all work in NYC now, they don't patrol it much.
  7. Since when is there a civil service, municipal EMS system in Putnam County? Who is actually going to employ these EMTs? Part time at 15/hour. Nice. No benefits, no pension, no protection. No wonder EMS is so screwed up!
  8. While better information is of course valuable, the only thing that will reduce response times is more crews and don't hold your breath waiting for Con Edison to do that.
  9. The district or municipality in most cases.
  10. Absolutely not true. They may have far more latitude than with tax dollars but they are accountable to the taxpayer on their expenditures.
  11. I find it particularly disturbing that Narcan is being distributed - widely - to combat illegal narcotics while the cost of an epi-pen is borne by the potential victim.
  12. A well placed clandestine confidential informant close the investigation :-) has told me that there was a lengthy discussion about options and to try the Purple K. It was an "experiment". Considering that they used foam from NY and NJ on Sunday, I think we know the result of the experiment. :-)
  13. Pretty damning allegations. Makes you wonder...