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  1. In case you have a car to show off and are willing to bring it to the Danbury area, the Danbury Police Explorers are holding a car show at St. Gregory the Great Church in Danbury. Gotta admit, they are trying hard to raise the van money this year. Best of luck to them. Danbury Police Explorer's Car Show Please share. Registration has begun. To enter your car click the link https://goo.gl/forms/32avaw2QEScisqTj2 Fundraising@danburypoliceexplorers.org ... Sat Aug 19 10am - 2pm Food, fun and prizes St Gregory the great church 85 Great Plain rd Danbury CT 06811 Vendors wanted as well
  2. They may not be available in all models. We have that in our Medic suburban fly car, and asked if we could have that put in our Medallion Type 3 Chevy G4500 we ordered last year and are due to get end of this April/May because of the incidents happening all around the country. The rep for PL Customs/New England Fire Equipment and Apparatus said it was not an option for that vehicle and they could not put it in. Wish they could/would.
  3. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have been working to develop new testing standards for ambulances and installed components based on actual and dynamic crash testing [they get to crash things and get paid for it ]. The results of these tests are intended to translate into the testing requirements established for restraints, seating, cot mounts and equipment. These test results and criteria are housed with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This was determined to be the best location for these test practices so they could be externally referenced by various standards such as KKK-1822, NFPA 1917 etc. Federal Specification KKK-1822-A Rev F change notice 8 was adopted July 1, 2015 after a open comment period from May 2014 to May 21, 2014 the GSA held that allowed interested parties to comment on draft vehicle standards that also allowed users to view standards' supporting documents. You can see those at www.gsa.gov/vehiclestandards, and select the relevant year and Vehicle type (ambulances) and Get Document to view. They had approved the K3 specification extension request to remain in effect until September 2015 to allow States and others time to implement the requirement. GSA had submitted notice of annual revision to its Ambulance Design Standard (KKK 1822 F) which included a requirement for compliance with SAE J3027 for KKK compliant vehicles contracted for after July 1, 2014. SAE J3027 (Ambulance Litter Integrity, Retention, and Patient Restraint) includes testing requirements for cot fastening systems based upon dynamic tests demonstrating crash forces of up to 23g. J3027 is the result of scientific testing performed by NIOSH over the past 3-4 years. 3.11.6 Litter Fasteners and Anchorages, which is now in effect, states "A litter fastener assembly with quick release latch shall be furnished. The installed littler fastener device(s) for wheeled cots shall meet the performance requirements of SAE J3027. The litter fastener shall be installed according to the litter fastener manufacturer's directions. ALL COTS AND INFANT TRANSPORTERS SHOULD ONLY BE USED WITH THE REQUIRED FASTENER ASSEMBLY AS PRESCRIBED BY THE COT/TRANSPORTER MANUFACTURER." Ferno and Stryker have participated in testing with NIOSH and the Stryker Power Load and Ferno Stat Trac are (or were) the only cot mount systems currently available that will meet J3027. Antler cot mounts will not meet the test requirements. Older versions of the Stat Trac will also not meet the requirements to be transferred into the new ambulance. This requirement will add significant increased cost to new ambulances in states that are strictly governed by KKK. The cost for these cot/mount combined systems is $ 9,000-$ 40,000 per vehicle. The Dealer Bulletin K3 Change Notice #6 (during the comment period) stated "The safety of EMS caregivers, their patients and the communities they serve is important to all of us. All AMD Members and Manufacturers believe that science supports this change in the future and we support this requirement. However, it is important that all agencies across the country have time to plan for the implementation and fiscal impact for such a change. Most states (30+) reference KKK as the ambulance design standard with some states (CT is one) requiring strict adherence." Luckily for our service, our old Stryker manual lift stretcher finally broke last November and while we borrowed an extra Patterson one (Thank You, Patterson!!!!) our ACEMS did a lot of legwork, research, knocking on some resource doors, and we were able to get both the power stretchers and the power load systems for both ambulances by January/February 2016, and can transfer them into new ambulances down the line. There was a noticeable cascade affect in the surrounding towns, and almost all of the surrounding towns now have some version of either the power stretcher or the power lift system by now. Kinda afraid to leave our Stryker in the ER, there are so many similar ones in there at any one time it can get confusing. Sorry about the wordiness and the delay in answering - had to do some research and old paperwork searches first. Hope this helps. PS: It took me so long to write this at first, I timed out. Hope it does not come over twice
  4. Thank you very much for the information - it helps us be prepared. I will pass it along.
  5. Very, very sorry to hear of Trooper Pratt's untimely death trying to help someone. What a shame - sounds like he was a really nice guy. Thoughts, prayers and condolences to his family, friends and co-workers.
  6. Please let us know how the vote goes, because some of the choices would either end the Mutual Aid agreement we have with them on the EMS and in at least one option the Fire side, or at the very least affect it;, and one or more of the options may very well affect how or if they call us for Mutual Aid for EMS. Thank you for giving us a heads-up.
  7. Danbury Fire, EMS and PD have had repeated problems with wrong addresses, incomplete information being given to them, and more, and you can sometimes hear the frustration as they go back and forth with the dispatchers trying to get them to fully follow through on their information or equipment requests. Yesterday there was a man pinned to a wall by a vehicle, called in by someone passing by. The person dispatching the police got it right, but the ems dispatcher put it out as "unknown medical". Another dispatcher came on a minute later and let EMS know it was a possible pin and entrapment, which changed their entire response and mental preparation mentality pre-arrival. That dispatcher then dispatched an extrication assignment with FD with all the vehicles and tools they might need, and then both police and ems dispatchers gave updated information on the location details (in the back, which building, etc.) needed to get help to him as the call progressed. We were even given the wrong address for a mutual aid call to Danbury last week, and it was not corrected until our medic said he did not see a fire truck waiting at the original address given.
  8. I learned that technique way back in Firefighter I and Firefighter II as a way to regain control of your breathing and the situation and to use less air by being more relaxed and in control. Also works great to lower your blood pressure during physicals and rehab I teach it to others when see them all "huffy and puffy" after a drill evolution, and it also works when trying to calm patients who are hyperventilating!
  9. Does anyone know if the By-Laws changes were passed by the City Council at the March 30th meeting?
  10. I hope people show up in support of retaining the money for the staffing. Even with volunteers supplementing personnel, I remember from the papers Greenwich was very busy, and had an arson problem on top of it for the past two years. Need the trained personnel 24/7 available, hate to see them undermanned and over worked. Removed a "very"
  11. My thoughts and prayers for all of the MOS and LEOs that have to deal with the uncalled for but mostly planned violent anarchy and chaos, and hope most of them make it through unscathed, but unfortunately from listening to the dispatches that doesn't seem likely unless they withdraw completely, which we all know they cannot for the people caught in-between's sake. My heart goes out to all the responders in this no-win situation. Alex and BFD389RET - thank you for the updates. We all have to be alert, because it will spread before it dissipates, and we all could be caught in the repercussions caused by the actions of these mobs if others get the idea they can get away with it "in support" - like they really care what happened in Ferguson. But they will use it as an excuse, and some areas are not used to handling this kind of violence aimed towards them. Stay safe everyone, and keep your eyes and ears open.
  12. I give the LeLand Fire Department a lot of credit for having members who realized after one of their members had gone down on a scene that doffing gear from a downed firefighter can be a tremendously hard thing to do. The 10-step method they devised seems to accomplish doffing gear and providing immediate care while minimizing how many people would be drawn away from the other tasks at hand on a fire scene and actually looks great and very easy to accomplish. I can't wait to ambush some unsuspecting firefighters who wander by the firehouse on a slow day to practice the method on a mannequin and see the plusses and minuses. Immediate compressions (if he does not need it, I'm sure the firefighter might let you know quickly enough) and it is through gear at first, so no additional damage, plus it has you remove the helmet and mask fairly quickly to see how responsive or not the FF is and provides clear access to airway in case there is vomit in the mask or air gone and mask sucked to face, etc. The video shows the procedure can be technically done by 4 firefighters, and once the FF is removed from pack and coat, the EMS people can swarm over him and take further measures. Always wondered how we would be able to get gear off quickly enough. Luckily, have never had to find out... May even work to get gear off collapsed heat exhaustion FF much more quickly than the lengthy time it usually takes to strip them down - minus the compressions, of course . Worth looking into, at any rate. Kudos to them for thinking outside the box. Gets cramped and stuffy in there sometimes.
  13. Prayers and condolences to the family co-workers and friends of 48 year old Firefighter Bell; hopes for very quick recoveries for the three injured firefighters and prayers of support for their families, too.
  14. EMS1.com and the New York Post have a story today and yesterday about one of those luxury ambulances being sued because they dropped a 90 year old patient who was being treated for wound healing in Dec. 2012 while bringing her up the stairs back to her apartment, and she died of her injuries. All that opulence does not equal competence sometimes. Obscene waste of money for medical stuff you already find in most ambulances and accessories you would never be able to decon if one of those rich but "eccentric" Collier house condition patients wanted transport to a doctor, or if they accidentally vomited due to car sickness. Ahhh, but they'll find some suckers to bask in their extravagance. Sad. RE: WAS967 rightly stating NY Post article mentioned ambulette involved - no indication if it was also from Citywide or from a different service. The site that x635 posted has, under the patient transport services link, the fact that they also provide ambulettes.