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  1. We have two Pierce pumper Wagon21 and Engine 21. Wagon 21 is a 2014 Impel it has a Husky 3 foam system, 1500 gpm pump, 1000 gallons of water and 30 gallon foam tank. Engine 21 is a 2004 Inforcer it has a Husky 10 foam system, 1500 gpm rear mount pump, 900 gallons of water and two 20 gallon foam tanks. We use 200 feet 1.75 attack lines with Elkhart SM30 100 psi nozzles. We were using F-500 and recently changed to FireAde class A foam. Our Husky 3 began leaking foam from the foam injector and the system needed to be replaced. The Husky 3 2016 manual has a caution for encapsulating agents that requires the foam injector to be flushed and left dry when not in use. My company has not been able to find our 2014 manual to see if we just overlook the caution statement. We had always left the foam systems flooded and had never had a problem with the Husky 10 system. How are other foam systems being left when not flowing foam?
  2. Does anyone use F-500 in their Husky 3 system?