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  1. The FDNY used their new Drone for the first time during the recent 4th alarm fire in the Bronx. According to the article the Drone provided a video feed of roof conditions to the Incident Commander which helped direct fire ground operations. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/drone-helps-fdny-fight-bronx-fire-article-1.2990371
  2. Dobbs Ferry - 459. Our busiest year. A 52 run increase from 2015 which was our previous busiest year
  3. TCD, Cruiser Division in Mamaroneck
  4. Dobbs Ferry did 406 runs not 362
  5. NY City is probibited from giving grant money to governmental agencies. They can only provide grants to recognized non-profit agencies to deliver services they are required to provide but don't have the resources or experience to provide. In other words they can't provide grant monies to fire departments
  6. As a former FDNY EMS paramedic I was assigned to the Dignitary Protection Unit. This was an overtime unit staffed by paramedics who were interviewed by the Secret Service and went through extensive background checks and training. An ambulance rode at the rear of every motorcade. During motorcade operatations the secret service never rode in the ambulance as many believe. We had Secret Service radios with special code names that changed every assignment. We would sleep in the ambulance while the president was staying in the Waldorf or some other high end hotel. Not very glamorous. There was a lot of hurry up and then wait that dragged on for hours. During training it was stressed that you would never treat the President and he would never be in your ambulance. We were there to treat the collateral damage as the secret service calls the poor stiff working or riding in the motorcade who might get hurt. I actually did treat a motorcycle cop who dumped his bike escorting the motorcade. Boy did he feel like an idiot. The Secret Service also stated they would not hesitate to shoot us if we were in their way when protecting the President. We actually had to sign documents acknowledging that we were made aware of this. We routinely rode into Westchester NJ and Connecticut. We were advised that notifications were made to local state DOH and regional EMS council about us operating in their jurisdiction. This was over 15 years ago I cannot say what arrangements are in place today. My guess with Mobile Life operating in Westchester is because they have received Secret Service clearance to operate in a Presidential motorcade. This was a neat gig and gave me access to a lot of places most people will never go. I have a picture with the vice president on the tarmac at JFK in front of Air Force 1. Never made it into the plane though
  7. It was deemed a homicide by the medical examiner only at this time. The ME definition of a homicide is different from a criminal indictment of homicide. It will be up to the District Attorney as to whether he will present a charge of homicide or a lesser charge to a Grand Jury who will ultimately decide what level of charge to indict the officer if they so choose. The DA may elect not to pursue any charges after reviewing all the details but that is unlikely due to the sensitivity and publicity surrounding the case
  8. The Dobbs Ferry Fire Department operates on a $427,200 budget. This makes up 2.5% of the Village of Dobbs Ferry's $17,134,261 budget. Of this $240,000 comes off the top for hydrant rentals to United Water. This brings our actual operating budget down to $187.200 or 1.1% of the villages annual budget. We do not receive any Fire District protection money as we are a completely municipaly funded department. We have to fight with our Village Board every year for even the most minimal of increases. It is really frustrating that the Board funds us at such a rediculous level. This whopping amount covers protective gear, equipment, building maitenance, vehicle maintenance, maitenance contracts, training, uniforms, office expenses etc.
  9. Date:9/11/2013 Time:1951 hrs Location: 1 D'Assearn Drive (Childrens Village) Units: Dobbs Ferry 2091, 2092, 2093, Engine 47, Engine 48, Engine 49, Tower Ladder 23, Utility 24 Hastings 2181, 2182, 2184 Engine 46, Ladder 22 Irvington 2201, 2202, 2203 Ladder 36 Ardsley Engine 164 Relocate WCDES Battalion 18, C&O Description: Fire in 2 story occupied multiple dwelling 100 X 35. Fire on second floor. 2 lines stretched and operated. Fire contained to 1 apartment with extensive damage to multiple rooms. Smoke and water damage in 3 additional units. Occupants arrived home and discovered fire in apartment.
  10. I am searching for information concerning the resetting of fire alarm systems by the fire department. Do any departments have a policy about resetting or not resetting an alarm system after they have checked and determined the reason for the alarm activation. Is there a liability issue one way or another concerning resetting the alarm? Should the department take the responsibility or should the homeowner or buisness owner reset their alarm? My department generally helps the owner reset the alarm but we don't have a real policy concerning the issue.
  11. Taking this thread in a some what different direction, what do people thing about the tank being placed hire up on the truck. Do you think this could cause a problem with the center of gravity being impacted by water movement and the height of the tank. Would this make the truck top heavy and more prone to roll over?
  12. Dobbs Ferry still uses the Wardens System with two representatives from each of the three companies
  13. Con Edison is very generous with local donations to governments and non-profit agencies as any good corporation should be. But everything is not always as it seems. The Public Service Commission (PSC)requires Con Edison and all Utilities to make local donations every year. So Con Edison is forced to make donations as part of their contract with the PSC
  14. That 6000 employees head count is way off. Con Edison has close to 14,000 employees. Yes the numbers have dropped significantly over the last 25 years but it has held around 14,000 for several years now
  15. The easement issue is very difficult to get around as you have stated. No one is going to want to allow an easement through their property or under it. Even though feeders can be direct buried at a depth to protect them from salt and water the issue is at the mahole. All splices need to be made in manholes for access issues. This is very problematic during the salt application season. While cable is heavier today and better protected the splices are very susceptible to salt and water damage. Look at what happens in NYC after every snow storm. Con Edison is running from one manhole fire to another. The underground system is more reliable but very difficult to repair when there is a problem. The Con Edison undergound system in NYC is a network system meaning there are multiple feeders feeding a particular grid or neighborhood. You could lose 3,4, or more feeders into one network without cutomer impact due to the ability of other feeders picking up the slack for the lost feeders. The overhead system for the most part is a radial system with one feeder into a network or neighborhood. If the wire comes down the power goes out without the ability to switch customers over to a different feeder. To have a really reliable underground system it needs to be a network system. If you just bury the one radial cable serving a network and then lose that feeder the repair times would be even longer than they are now. Underground system are also very susceptible to system failures and burnout during the summer heat season due to the inability to vent heat out of the manholes. Con Edison probably has more problems during the summer than they do during the winter snow storms because of the extra demand placed on the system for the air conditioning load. This is not a problem in Westchester but very prevelant in NYC. Replacing a feeder out from heat or fire damage can take 16-24 hours to repair so underground repairs take two to three times as long to repair as overhead repairs. (This is actual on-scene repair time and does not include how long it takes to respond to the location during a storm) The real answer here is trim trimming. Areas in the county that have had significant tree trimming have not been hit as hard since Con Edison started their comprehensive tree trimming program several years ago. The problem with that is no one wants the tree in front of their house trimmed. They can't have it both ways and complain about their house service coming down because they did not want any tree trimming done.