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  1. I love the low hose bed
  2. Don't be afraid of "THE BIG HOUSE". Remember Engine 21 goes on all working job's in the city.
  3. Engine 21 is the "WORK HORSE" of the City
  4. Neptune hose company and olimpia hose company ?
  5. So having a CO meter should be required?
  6. CO meters Have been around for a number of years. Why isn't It a requirement for emergency responders? Which departments out there have them?
  7. Are there any fire or EMS units that have CO meters as part of the crash bags????
  8. The Seagrave is Engine 42 Mamaroneck
  9. Also mamaroneck engine 38 used its 5" hose for the first time. It supplied ladder 20's ladder pipe and had 4 handlines in the exposure 4 side
  10. You never know. Mabey a foot Dr can even be a fire commissioner Na that could never be possable.
  11. That building has been leaning like that for over 50 yrs. The door is level. You should see what its like inside. The couches have phone books under legs of couches and beds. If you ever lose a ball you know where to find it.
  12. I was driving by Larchmont fire station yesterday and I noticed Engine 39 there. Is larchmont going to be using it while it is there?
  13. I second that