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  1. It says it was purchased under HGAC, Houston Galveston Area Cooperative, which eliminates traditional bidding. Municipalities can purchase off the co-op direct from the manufacturers with significant savings in bid costs. It is becoming very popular in NJ and most manufacturers participate.significant
  2. http://www.uh-ems.net/rescue.html
  3. I am attempting to put together a training program for bariatric rescue and removal and am looking for help acquiring photos of bariatric patients being removed from homes or buildings. If anyone has photos they would be willing to share, please email me offline at Kaplan@englewoodfire.com Thanks for any help you can provide... Jeff Kaplan - Englewood Fire
  4. Our department recently removed the On-Spots from our 2007 Freightliner/Medic Master Ambulance after it destroyed the rear air bag suspension. We run with full chains on all apparatus once there is more then 2" on the ground.
  5. Sorry to burst your bubble, but from what I understand, they no longer put you up in a hotel in Vegas. They now have on base accommodations. They used to put students up in The Station Casino and then bused students to the test site. It is a good course and worth the trip, however Anniston is better and builds more confidence as you train in an actual live agent environment.
  6. I spoke with the Horton dealer about a month ago and he told me that they are switching to the Dodge Chassis for the next round of FDNY trucks. He cited an unhappiness with Ford Service as the main reason for the switch.
  7. In NJ , EMSCharts is gaining popularity, especially now that NJ State OEMS is providing the software for free. Many agencies are using toughbooks, however, some are using rugged PDA devices to capture electronic signatures and basic patient information. This data can then be transferred to a desktop computer via USB and the chart can be completed on the computer. The PDA is half the cost of the laptop. Hope this helps... Jeff http://www.symbol.com/product.php?productID=240