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  1. Actually I don't know if the dispatchers are covered under the same hours of service laws as Train and Engine service. The only rule I know for sure that the dispatchers share with T&E is guaranteed 8 hours off after a shift. T&E has been subjected to a federal law that divides the nature of the work between Type A and Type B work and the number of consecutive days a worker can work. If the dispatchers are indeed subjected to the HOS rules as T&E then no way they should have been working 14 days in a row without proper rest.
  2. I agree that it is silly to use an unarmed fire truck as a crime deterent. Just curious but does the DC's IAFF have the capability to seek out either mediation or binding arbitration? There has to be some rememdy. The LT in the medical situation retired something like a week later so she could avoid have her name dragged through the mud. I think there was a washington post article about her current situation
  3. Briarcliff Engine 92 1995 Pierce Engine 93 1991 Simon Duplex
  4. That is cataract's 1957 maxim. They sold it to a Germen filmmaker in 1978 when it was replaced by a 1978 maxim. Funny how they haven't take the decals off the truck.
  5. I took the 2002 test and I remember the questions being all reading comprehension like questions. One of the questions I think asked about in a emergency situation do you go the wrong way down a one way street and questions in a similar vein. How are questions based off a 6th grade reading level discriminatory?
  6. I remember when John came around as a teenager eager to learn and willing to do what it takes to be a good firefighter. He was a terrific person. He will be missed.
  7. From New Haven to Boston the power in the catenary is 25,000 volts and on the Hellgate line the power is 12,500. Amtrak's catenary system besides having more power is a different system than what the M2's M4's, and M6's were designed for. I'm not sure of the technological jargon as I don't work in ET but the style of pantographs Metro-North uses on the previous sets is also a contributing factor. Some of this info here is going on my long term memory as I haven't work up to Boston in 4 years, but I was a qualfied conductor at one time up that way. There have been rumors for a couple of years now on the railroad that Metro-North has ambitions to use the Hell gate line and the Empire Connection to get into Penn Station. Also the M8's wouldn't have to worry about using the third rail in Penn Station as long as they used the catenary.
  8. The new house looks great. Can't wait for the next time I'm up there to check it out
  9. In these type of situations the engineer dumps the train, dives to the floor of the cab and prays that the train doesn't derail. I'm not sure of the speed for that section of track, but most of the country outside the NEC is 79mph. In fact there is a stretch in Michigan where the speed limit is 90mph. I hope the engineer is ok mentally because incidents like this is very stressful on them.
  10. The Colonial Park engine was put into service in January. The engine is equipped with CAFS. It is also equipped with a seatbelt alarm. This is a safety device to make sure everyone is buckled up. The alarm system is supposed to prevent the truck from moving. Thanks for the pics Union 241 and Grumpyff.
  11. I've known Ronnie since I was a little kid. He was a great friend, a great mentor and a great man. I will miss him. My condolences to his wife and son. Sean Smalley member of Scarborough Eng 1996-2004
  12. Not fire, police, or ems but I go to work today at 4 working two trains between Harrisburg and Philly. Merry Christmas
  13. Briarcliff Engine 92 is a 1995 Pierce Dash eight man cab with a 500 gal tank and carries the hurst tool.
  14. When you go on the Hellgate line in the Bronx, Amtrak gets dozens of kids during the summer who break through the fences and wait for the trains to come. These trespassers are either going play chicken with the train or they start throwing rocks at the train. These trespassers cut holes in fence and the company can't go out there everyday to make sure the fences are in proper condition because these maintence crews have other duties. If this lawsuit does not get thrown out, there is precedence where the railroad is at fault and the trespasser is in the right. Pardon me if I'm cold on this, but all my sympathy goes to the engineer who has to live with this, not to the victim.
  15. For the Harlem line to go to Penn would be an extraordinary feat. For the Hudson and New Haven lines not so. The Hudson line can shoot right down through Empire Connection on the West Side. Metro-North and Amtrak run the same engines, but I do not know if the third rail shoes on the MNRR's p32s are compatabile with Amtrak's third rail. The New Have line trains can use the Hellgate line to go to Penn station. But the current problem with that is the M2,M4, and M6 cannot hadle 25,000 volts. When the M8's come out they will be able to handle this power.