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  1. Does anyone have any background on Greenwich Fd...good dept to work for...shifts/hours...Thanks
  2. was wondering what the people that got canvassed from the old list got on the test.
  3. What scores did you get?
  4. They should be giving back full refunds to everyone who doesn't want to deal with the "Re-test" process. Never again stamford.
  5. Yeah exactly. Just a side note i just got finished reading about the stamford vollies that got hired who didnt have to take a written test or cpat. Hmmm....
  6. Anybody have any idea why there is going to be two parts to the make up test? As if we havent wasted enough time on this test already.
  7. Shouldnt even apply to these tests anymore. Its becoming a waste of money and the best person for the job is not actually going to get hired.
  8. It's BS but oh well. At least some people get a chance to re-test
  9. Dobbs Ferry FD made the switch over also to 60.
  10. Once again this is absolute BS...they keep screwing people. Prob will never take this test again
  11. Does anyone happen to know top pay or their work schedule? Thanks.