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  1. Same here! Figured KME, or at least another Seagrave.
  2. Wasn't Lyndhurst getting a pumper or 2 as well?
  3. I heard Elmwood Park E-3 has or will have ordered a new Engine replacing the Darley.
  4. I thought they already had it ordered since the building reconstruction. I thought I read it last year somewhere.. And on a side note, Fair Lawn took delivery of R1 this past Tuesday. Unknown if its in full service yet,I know they were doing driver training.
  5. I know there is no mural going on it. I believe he will be doing some of the lettering though. The boro tightened up the budget and non essential items.
  6. FL Rescue is going to Wildwood, then will be delivered shortly after. FL E3 is a duplicate of the current E3, with addition of foam tank/pump only. not much else changed...........
  7. Is it me or do the airhorns sound barely audible?
  8. Thanks. I gave Ed May the foundation for it, he brought it to life. And added several different features to it, If you know Ed there is always hidden features and a hidden story to his work.
  9. That is correct. I believe they are looking to replace it as well. Also, Fair Lawn Engine 3 is working on specs for a new Engine 3.... It will be pushing the current E-3 2001 Spartan/Saulsbury (a true Saulsbury) to Engine 5, which is the 2nd piece out of Co. 3 and also the Dept. spare. The current Engine 5, 1996 Duplex/Saulsbury (former E-1) will be retired.
  10. FL Rescue in production is only the 2nd from Rescue 1. The rescue they are replacing is a Spartan/3D. The current R2 is a Spartan/Rescue 1. They also have an International/Hackney Haz-Mat that is also getting replaced with this new unit. -Steve
  11. No worries. I looked at them on the PL site. Not bad looking.
  12. Thanks for the info! I was surprised when I saw they switched.
  13. Why did Fort Lee go with the Ford chassis as opposed to the larger commercial?
  14. Photos of the Saddle River Aerial.. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8yyvti1r76a6ass/AAAmTsspgq-kGNm27z3BEgKEa/Final Assembly?dl=0
  15. Looks like its been delivered.... http://www.facebook.com/njmfpa#!/photo.php?fbid=241742079170530&set=a.200895453255193.54167.200449473299791&type=1&theater