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  • Birthday 10/01/1955

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  • Website URL http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/stephen.taylor

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  • Name: Stephen Taylor
  • Location Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Canada
  • Gender Male
  • Primary Sector You Work In Fire
  • Your Primary Role Dispatcher
  • Agency Yarmouth Fire Department
  • Past Experience I retired in 1997 with 10 years in the EHS field as a Paramedic 1
    I retired in 2006 with 31.5 years in the volunteer fire service.
    I have been a dispatcher for over 25 years.
  • Interests Nascar racing Kasey Kahne & Bill Elliott
    Fire fighting books
    Boston Red Sox
    Law & Order Series
    CSI Series

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  1. Thanks everyone very nice piece of apparatus.
  2. How big is the pump??
  3. It should be http://www.tuminostowing.com/ with only one m in it.
  4. http://www.spacekap.com/ website with info.
  5. In Nova Scotia the EHS NS dispatch centre sends the information directly to a Panasonic tablet in the Ambulance. The only info sent over the air is the initial call identifying the ambulance and the address they are going to.
  6. WHO SAYS I DON'T HAVE EXPERIENCE ON THEM???? I have 39+ years of service in the Fire Department.
  7. Why should I? If you don't like my Canadian opinion don't read it.
  8. You had to much Kool Aid.
  9. I would like to wish all my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.
  10. Lest we Forget - We remember
  11. The city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada is in the process of receiving 9 E-ONES.
  12. Who is from Saskatchewan because it is not me.
  13. Sounds like M'Ave is partial to Big P (Kool Aid) or the eight letter company that starts with S & ends with E.
  14. It says it the title Pierce Quantam or equivalent
  15. PXXXXE is six letters not five