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  1. The Fairchester Hose Haulers of the Hudson Valley will be hosting an open house August 12 & 13 from 10am-4pm at Andy Leider's truck house, 2618 Rte. 302, Middletown,NY. See over 200 antique fire apparatus. Like us on Facebook website www.Fairchesterhosehaulers.com
  2. he was the best of the best. lots of broken hearts in the fire service today.
  3. john, what size pump and tank?
  4. Personal pizza at Tarry Lodge, Chef's salad or cheeseburger at Kelly's
  5. It's all B.S created by a bunch of sensationalists. There were volunteer firemen marching alongside their career brethren. More fodder from the so-called printed media.
  6. Anytime is a good time to train.
  7. Both Rye and Mamaroneck Village had/has fireboats in the past. Obviously Rye FD doesn't anymore. Anyone know if MFD still has theirs, and is it in service?
  8. my concern is the lack of a tandem axle. that much less weight distribution, and less braking. its a new model, some departments will jump on it to be "the first one on the block." I'll take a flier on it for a couple of years.
  9. I figured it was Ed's work. The pictures are beautiful, but his work is even better in person.
  10. They can start with the blowhard masquarading as a chief officer
  11. who did the murals ?
  12. think it's done. shame. brookfield won't even let anybody take stuff off like lights, emergency lighting, etc. probably a liability issue with non-workers in the work area.
  13. Just a taxpayer (Frost025) of Port Chester wondering why the politicians say there's no money for career staff, but plenty of money for a new rig ? Is the current R40 that worn out or beat up ? Just wondering.
  14. You make some good points. This same scenario exists in the City of Rye FD. To his credit, the volunteer chief lets the career Lt. do his job regarding the career staff. And, how many father-son teams are there in the FDNY which involve the father an officer and the son a firefighter. Yes, they're usually assigned in different houses, but sometimes in the same battalion. The powers that be in Peekskill saw the injustice and went with good common sense. I hope everything works out.