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  1. I guess Greenville is more popular then I thought. As far as the Larchmont fire goes, we weren't called until almost 2 hours into to operation so we were must have been pretty far down the list. On the flip side, Larchmont is also on our mutual aid list so it is MUTUAL, we just haven't had to call them yet. At least 3 of the guys who responded on that call are from the Sound Shore so they knew the area very well. Also, most departments provide a guide-usually a callback FF-to ride with the mutual aid rig. When we send a rig on mutual aid-be it to the scene or to relocate-we almost always send 1 Capt. and 3 FF''s. We will also initiate a call back of 1 & 3, starting with the guys who live closest. Rarely will we send more then that unless both rigs are requested. We have on occasion sent additional manpower once we were back to full manning in quarters. As far as interoperability goes: we carry the neccessary adaptors for the neighboring departments that we work with as well as having a bag with our adaptors in our apparatus bay for incoming units should they not have them. We also have a laptop and mutual aid guide book on each rig as well that lists what channels to use and hopefully soon will have hydrants and other building information stored on them for all of the departments we work with.
  2. Yonkers is on our 10-75 assignment. They have operated at several working fires in Greenville in recent years.
  3. FDMV is a part of our mutual aid system. Just not on our 10-75 assignment. Just as a side note, GFD probably hasn't been to Mount Vernon for a fire in well over a year.
  4. I have to disagree with your logic. As has been mentioned on this site before, NFPA 1710 requires a minimum of 16 FF's to respond to a working fire. The number of departments dispatched does not necessarily reflect on the intensity of the fire nor does it imply that the "panic button" was hit. Is the system perfect? Far from it. But when an IC is looking at a house with smoke pushing from the roof and 2nd floor, its not the time to start questioning what departments should be called in. The initial response to this particular fire was 1 capt & 6 ff's from GFD (our normal staffing) plus the crew from HFD E170 ( I believe it was 1 capt & 2 ff's today)as per our automatic aid agreement. With the transmission of a 10-75 additional resources are dispatched to the scene as well as to cover quarters. A recall of off duty ff's was also conducted. Keep in mind that mutual aid agreements were in place way before this fire started. Both sides agreed to it and signed off on it. Our alarm assignments are in the system for 60 Control so when an officer requests an additional alarm, the dispatcher can quickly dispatch all requested departments. If a department could not supply a rig for whatever reason, they can always deny the request.
  5. Most of what was requested was turned back from what I saw. The only mutual aid units operating by the time I got called back and sent to the scene was HFD and FFD along with Scarsdale & WPFD covering Greenville and they were returned almost as soon as they got to Greenville. As far as Eastchester, their TL17 is dispatched on our 10-75 assignment. I'm not sure how they handled the response on their end. I'm curious as to what you feel would have been an appropriate response to a working fire in either the career or volunteer departments that you belong to.
  6. The area Tarrytown covers is Glenville. Completely separate and no where near Greenville.
  7. Yeah, it's the same spot.
  8. The fire was in Island Furniture opposite the Hartsdale Post Office. The fire started in the electrical box outside possibly from a power surge and spread to the roof. GFD initially responded with E150 & L4 after hearing the reported fire over GPD's radio then was toned out by 60 Control for an auto alarm. As for the ladders on location from what I saw were L4, L28 from Scarsdale as the FAST, YFD L70 and EFD L16. All companies assisted in opening the roof and preventing fire spread to the rest of the stores.
  9. http://www.emtbravo.net/index.php?s=&s...st&p=127508
  10. Date: 2/9/08 Time: 1503 hrs. Location: 60 E. 4th St. x S. 1st Ave. Frequency: 154.145, Trunk Fire 18 Units Operating: E3, E5, E2, L3, L2, R1, B3; 10-26: E4; 10-36: E6, E22, L12, Car 1A, Car 5 Description Of Incident: Initial call for fire on the top floor Writer: GFD538, Remember585 1503 hrs. - Time of Dispatch 1505 hrs. - B3 10-84 w/ smoke showing from top floor on exposure #1 side 1507 hrs. - As per B3: L2 respond 5th St to S 1st Ave to locate on the #4 side 1508 hrs. - E4 dispatched as FAST 1509 hrs. - 10-26, doubtfull A/T/T 1514 hrs. - 10-36 (2nd Alarm) 1515 hrs. - E6 assigned on the 2nd Alarm 1518 hrs. - B3 req. Con Ed for overhead wires 1518 hrs. - EFD TL17, PFD E5 relocating to FDMV Sta. 3 1519 hrs. - Dispatch advising B3 E22/L12 + E6 responding to the scene on the 2nd Alarm 1523 hrs. - B3 reporting main body of fire knocked down 1527 hrs. - E22/L12 on location 1536 hrs. - As per B3 fire is under control
  11. Date: 2/1/08 Time: 1658 hrs. Location: 122 S. High St Frequency: 154.145 Units Operating: E4, E3, E2, L3, L2, R1, B2; 10-26: E5, E6; NRFD E22, L12 Description Of Incident: Initial report of smoke from the attic Writer: GFD538, Truck4 Photo by Truck4 1701 hrs. - B2 reporting 3rd floor fully involved, 10-26 transmitted 1702 hrs. - E5 dispatched 1706 hrs. - Mutual Aid 1 Eng/1Lad to Sta. 3 1708 hrs. - NRFD E22/L12 to the scene 1710 hrs. - Primary search underway 1711 hrs. - Eastchester TL17, Pelham E5 to Sta. 3 1712 hrs. - EFD TL17 relocating 1719 hrs. - B2 reporting primary search is negative 1730 hrs. - Dispatch advising ConEd, & Red Cross notified 1749 hrs. - NRFD L12 released 1753 hrs. - NRFD E22 released
  12. Date: 1/21/08 Time: 1759 hrs. Location: 600 Tuckahoe Rd - Bridge Auto Parts Frequency: Dispatch: 46.500 Operations: 484.712 Units Operating: SQ11 w/ Collapse Unit, L70, B2, Safety Battalion Description Of Incident: Report of a car into a building, B2 req. SQ11 to respond with the Collapse Unit. Writer: GFD538 1800 hrs. - B2, SQ11, L70 10-84 1802 hrs. - Safety Batt. responding 1805 hrs. - B2 advising holding all companies; removing glass from store front 1824 hrs. - All units 10-8
  13. Date: 1/17/08 Time: 1339 hrs. Location: 127 S. 12th Ave Frequency: 154.145 Units Operating: E4, E3, E2, L3, L2, R1, B1 Description Of Incident: Orginal call for smoke from the basement Writer: GFD538, Truck4 1338 hrs. - 10-26 (Working Fire) transmitted 1342hrs- M/A New Rochelle to cover. 1359 hrs. - Main body of fire knocked down, all companies still working 1400 hrs. - Primary and Secondary searches are negative. (2) Firefighters to Mount Vernon Hospital with minor injuries. Photo By Truck4
  14. Date: 12/22/07 Time: 2059 hrs. Location: 280 Pinebrook Blvd. Frequency: 460.462 Units Operating: Initial: E23, E21, E25, L13, TL11, 2302; 10-75: E22, 30A2, 2301 Description Of Incident: Report of a possible structure fire Writer: GFD538 2101 hrs. - All units responding 2102 hrs. - 2302 req. 4th due engine to respond 10-20 2103 hrs. - E22 dispatched as 4th due engine 2104 hrs. - 2302 10-84, 10-75; E22 to step up response 2107 hrs. - 30A2 to the scene, E24, L12 to relocate to Station 3, 2302 reporting dryer fire with extension, 1 L/S/O; 2301 responding 2112 hrs. - 2302 reporting main body of fire knocked down, checking for extension, holding all companies 2118 hrs. - E22 10-8, E24 out at Station 3; 2302 reporting negative extension
  15. Over the summer, I saw their Astrovan with lights and sirens on heading south on the Sprain at Grasslands Rd after leaving WMC. At first I thought it was a NY State Police vehicle until it went past me.