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  1. I have some familiarity with the area. Manluis stations are extremely cramped for space. Fayetteville and DeWitt have newer, more modern spaces. DeWitt's firehouse was known as the "Garage-ma-hall." Not sure of how things are now, but these places all had space for live-in college students as well.
  2. The root word in Firefighting is not Fire- It's Fight. Train to fight, fight to win. Cancer and heart disease kill firefighters. We owe it to ourselves, each other and our families to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  3. That is the magic with just about every state law- they apply everywhere except "cities with a population of 1 million or greater" (NYC) I agree with M'Ave- the state courses are very broad- they have their place. Can't imagine the topics covered would be superior to a department-specific course developed for a large department like FDNY.
  4. http://mobile.firehouse.com/news/11569537/university-of-texas-study-says-too-many-firefighters-are-overweight Exactly why we need fitness and nutrition in the fire service.
  5. How would having a gym adversely affect members who don't use it?!?!? It can only get better for these folks if they do use it! I understand your frustration....
  6. Could your FD/Benevolent/Fire Company hire a trainer to come to the firehouse or buy gym equipment? Some departments do just that. Culture change is tough- it is especially tough in the fire service. However, the two leading causes of death amongst firefighters are heart attacks and cancer. A solid PT and nutrition regimen can prevent both of those. It can also keep your members in shape to a point that strains and injuries are reduced. You have to show how such a program could lead to a cost savings or produce a benefit. Hardest part is getting the membership and the decision makers who hold the purse strings to buy in.
  7. Crossfit has tons of open-source workouts. You don't need tons of weights and equipment to get in fighting shape. Also- if you want to experience the CPAT- you can always go take it in CT. http://www.ct.gov/cfpc/cwp/view.asp?Q=246722
  8. Not to throw gasoline on the proverbial fire, but how is the Fire Department set up? Wouldn't a Fire District who provides service to a Town be the Governing Entity in this? What authority other than an maybe an opinion does the Town Supervisor hold over the Fire District? While all intentions here were genuine and good, I would be nervous about what would happen if lawyers were unleashed on a case like this, we have a litigious society. Just my .02
  9. The exemptions we hear about only mean that our fine congress and senate members will be able to receive the same subsidies that any of us would receive if we purchased health insurance from an exchange. Thus, their 180k salaries wouldn't factor in to the price they would be charged like everyone else's household income would. Medicaid and Medicare, crazy as they can be are both up and running public options of sorts. Root out the fraud, waste, and corruption, and find a fair cost to allow folks to buy the same or better coverage that such programs provide, and there is your public option. No 5000 pages of legislation, no exchanges, and as little effect on everyone else as possible. Remember, the interstate system was established in a 16 page document. Seth, you remarked that everyone should have access to healthcare somehow, and you are absolutely right. There is a human side and cost to the healthcare issue in this country that is pushed aside or not portrayed accurately for the sake of political gain by our "leaders" in DC. Thank you for shedding some light on it, hopefully it reels people on both sides in and makes them think a bit more about this.
  10. Less rounds means bigger bullets.
  11. -flashlight of some sort -Gerber knife -first aid kit -get home/ go bag stored in car -Wherever legal: Springfield XD-S .45ACP (5 & 7 round mags are still legal in NY this week)
  12. Quick bump- we will be having some non-shooting safety courses coming up. Courses meet or exceed what all NY County Judges require for pre-licensing training for a pistol permit. Live fire portions of the classes are completed at a later date for full NRA Certification. Saturday July 20, 2013, Carmel, NY- Register Here Current Training Calendar Through September 2013- Click Here
  13. Good Afternoon, Throughout my time reading and posting on EMTBravo, I have seen several posts regarding civilian firearms ownership and NY Gun Laws. Recently, I became and NRA Certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor. I have been teaching NRA Certified Pistol Courses in Dutchess County, and have several more scheduled for the summer and fall. In December, my company will also be offering the Utach Concealed Carry Permit Course. We conduct courses for people who are applying for their pistol permits (non-shooting) as well as Persons with pistol permits who wish to familiarize themselves with their firearms, or wish to upgrade their target and range permits to carry permits. We have state of the art training aids to help students learn pistol marksmanship skills. My goal as an instructor is to make competent, responsible, and most importantly SAFE shooters. Attached is a course schedule. You can register via my website, www.NYPistolPermit.com, and if you mention EMTBravo, you will get a discount. Also, if you are part of an organization who wishes to host a non-shooting course, contact me and we will work out a solution to use a safety course to raise funds for your organziation. Feel free to PM me on here, or email with any questions. Mark Bendel MB Firearms Safety Training www.nypistolpermit.com mbfirearms@gmail.com MB Course Schedule.pdf
  14. Bump. Attached is a Flier for the event. CasinoTrip.pdf
  15. As long as low bid copies don't make it back to the streets in the United States...