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  1. New BLUE STRONG T-Shirts available in men's, women's and youth sizes. Show your support for law enforcement with a portion of the profits going to Police Officer memorial funds around the US. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072QNHBNS?ref_=pe_2196150_146773810
  2. TBTA did not merge bc they do not have Police Officer status , only peace officer status. Plus there were issues with seniority and training.
  3. TBTA- first they changed their patch to say NEW YORK STATE. Now they have cars that look like NYSP?? Multiple failed attempts to get them police officer status so they want it to say NYS all over their patches and cars in an attempt to get more credibility.
  4. ever so closer to the nypd scheme. all joking aside, there are a lot of good cops that started with DEP.
  5. Does anyone know if there will be a fleet demo day in Westchester this year?
  6. Sheriffs Office in Westchester handes the civil matters. They also have a part-time unit of deputies who assist county and local PD with additional manpower. Sheriff role was merged with Commissioner through a legal change. Other counties kept the 2 roles separate. Putnam could end up like Nassau County with the Sheriff handling only civil and jail. PD handles LE functions.
  7. I believe this is a false statement. These specialized services are available to any dept in the County that requests it.
  8. Photo credit to WCPD SOD
  9. they utilize Peace Officers so they are within their right to have marked vehicles like this. albeit a better design could've been used.
  10. Miniatur Wunderland. Those guys are talented. Two brothers founded the exhibit and it cost several million to construct the models and facility. Their latest venture is a model airport. Simply amazing. If you make it to Hamburg, Germany you definitely want to visit it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz4NcTnQedo
  11. several agencies in the city use "POLICE" in the same colors and font so NYPD was added to identify them as referenced in the story above.
  12. im surprised bronxville, which has no jurisdiction, would handle this. my guess and i could be totally off here is the fear of the town taking over if any power was yielded to them.
  13. Yonkers has some great grant writers. Kuddos
  14. if YFD is going to lose several fire companies bc Empress expands the 1st responder program, then I think there is a bigger problem. I'm pretty sure the fire companies exist for fire reasons and not medical reasons.
  15. they could've just said private ambulance service.