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"Slambulance" Legislation

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An interesting bill being considered by the Texas legislative bodies...one which I really like.


A bill signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Greg Abbott is putting an end to the party -- if the party takes place in a one of the retired and converted ambulances known as a “slambulance.”

Ambulance providers in Fort Worth, a city where the converted party vehicles are readily available to rent, took issue with the “emergency,” “emergency medical services” or “mobile intensive care” labeling of the vehicles, the Star-Telegram reports.  


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I can see this new law being 100% acceptable if it solely targeted the the issue of the re-purposed ambulance still having emergency markings on it.  It should be the responsibility of the new owner to remove all emergency decals and striping prior to the reuse of the ambulance for other ventures.  This would make more sense as old ambulances have been re-purposed for many things around the country, including contractor vans, ice cream trucks, and DPW vehicles.


With that said, could this ban on "slambulances" eventually include other former emergency or governmental vehicles from becoming party venues on wheels?  How long until school buses make the list?  Or walk-in rescues?  Or garbage trucks?  Yes, I'm being a bit satirical, but the long arm of the law seems to be reaching a little too far.

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I generally do not like the idea of any markings on a former rig that would make one think it was still in service. That being said I once was part of a discussion about converting an old engine into a tailgating rig for a football team.

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