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STAMFORD - Working Fire w/ HAZMAT

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Date: 12/16/2017
Time: 20:58
Location: 33 Grenhart Rd (Between I95 S/B off ramp and on ramps for Exit 6)
District: Stamford

Battalion: Westside

Channel: Ground 1

Weather: Cloudy & 33
Units: SFD: E3,E5,E1,E2 (RIT),T3,R1,U4(IC),U8(Safety),E9(2nd Alarm/Water Supply),U121 (Mechanic), C1 (Chief), FM107 (C&O),FM110 (C&O)

          SEMS: M1, M901 (Supervisor)

          SPD: 8S1 (Sergeant),1A20,1B27,2A21,2A32,2B35,2C42,3B22

          RELOCATIONS: E6 (From Glenbrook FD to Stamford 1Co), E8 (From Turn of River Station 1 to Stamford 5Co)
Writer:  AFS1970

Description: Initial calls for smoke coming from a house, multiple calls received while units were en route. E3 arrived on scene and confirmed heavy smoke condition and declared a working fire. U4 special called E9 above the 1st alarm for water supply. C1 arrived on scene and reported fire was in a welding shop with multiple acetylene cylinders involved in the fire. Stamford police blocking streets in area. State Police notified due to proximity to I95.


A short time later an automatic alarm in a high rise hotel a few blocks away took more units. A second call giving a different address for the hotel briefly became a third incident and reported smoke on a higher floor. Even when these were confirmed as the same location units were still tied up investigating the odor of smoke which was determined to be from the original fire. 

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