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STAMFORD - Aircraft Incident (Delayed)

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Date: 04/13/2018
Time: 10:49
Location: 390 Ludlow St / 860 Canal St
District: SPD-2 / SFD-2

Battalion: South End

Channel: Tac 2

Weather: 78 Sunny
Units: SPD: 2A20, 2B35, 8S2 (Patrol Sgt), 8D (Patrol Lt), K9-1, 2P231 (Parks), 3D47, 1C27, K9-6

          SFD: E2, T2, FM103, FM109, FM110
Writer:  AFS1970

Description: Caller reported helicopter landing on roof of building which they believed to be suspicious. PD arrived and found this building formerly had a licensed heliport on the roof. PD determined that pilot had previously landed here but the building was now under new ownership / management and the heliport was no longer maintained and in poor condition, however heliport is still recognized by FAA. 


SPD requested fire marshal to evaluate condition of roof. and safety for take off & landing. SPD also consulted by phone with CT State Police Aviation unit. Roof was determined to not be suitable for take off. Fire Marshal requested Engine & truck to stand by due to aircraft on unstable surface. Helicopter was removed by crane at 17:35 and placed on flatbed, then was escorted by police and fire to parking lot of West Beach on Shippan Ave. Helicopter was then removed from flatbed and was able to take off safely at 18:21. 

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