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  1. It has been several years since I worked in Putnam County. As I recall, Channel 13 was programmed into mobile and portable radios so units in the field could monitor what other field units were transmitting to Putnam 911 on Channel 5. Also at that time, each fire dept. had a low band fireground frequency assigned to them that they used for all operations interior and exterior. Hope this helps.
  2. Perhaps your attitude toward the Ambulance Corps is why they only want you on scene when it is absolutely necessary.
  3. "Location and luck" A distant signal can be blocked by a pipe, HVAC duct, or even wiring in the wall. Moving the scanner a couple of inches will change your reception for a particular signal. Putting it by a window will help. An external antenna is better.
  4. If we could predict when crashes will occur, the response time would be zero.
  5. EMS has lost a true friend. Farewell Dr. D. "Til we meet again.
  6. Good luck PVAC. Nice looking rig.
  7. With their vehicles crushed, "We had nothing to pursue him with," said Chief Deputy Philip Brooks.Sounds like the opening scene of "Super Troopers II". Coming soon!
  8. That will be the key factor in whether or not the medic gets jammed on this. We've all been with patients that should go to the hospital and refuse despite our efforts to convince them. Documentation is everything here. Did the medic paint a picture of an informed and competent patient refusing treatment and transport?
  9. Can you add this feature for the "VIEW NEW CONTENT" section as well?
  10. You should check with 60 Control before you commit to the TSP. They have access to the traffic cameras at TMC and can tell you how the traffic is moving in the area. With narrow lanes and no shoulders, any incident on the bridge will probably shut down the road completely.
  11. GREAT NEWS! I'll be sorry to see Station 1 shut down. But, I glad I'll still be working with ALL the guys. Beacon FD does a great job on EMS response. Bill Oehrlein (Flycar 302)
  12. Good luck with your new rig PVVAC. ps I miss you guys!!
  13. May his family find comfort in the job he did and the respect he has among his coworkers.
  14. Those 767's still give me the creeps.