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Stamford - Haz Mat with difficult access

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Date: 04/23/2018
Time: 10:26
Location: 151 Brookdale Rd (in Bartlett Arboretum)
District: TRFD

Battalion: TRFD1

Channel: Tac 3

Weather: 59 & Sunny
Units: TRFD: U61 (Utility with Haz Mat Equipment)

          SFD: E8, E9 (With ATV), U121 (Mechanic)

          SPD: 4D50, 4A18, 4B28
Writer:  AFS1970

Description: Staff at Arboretum received a report of an overturned ATV on their property. This is on a wooden boardwalk (The Bog Walk) that winds through a swamp. Both ends of this walk are deep into the woods and only accessible by ATV or foot. ATV's are not permitted on this property. Staff located the ATV and found it to be leaking fuel, and no rider in area. FD sent to assess fuel leak in swamp. PD sent to address trespassing issues.  Access to this scene required units to enter from a different road, come up a dirt access road and then walk in to scene. FD personnel were able to determine leak to be less than 5 gallons from a 6 gallon tank. DEEP (Department of Energy & Environmental Protection) notified of leak. While on scene, SPD units located owner walking in area and arrested him. Tow Truck called to remove ATV. FD attempting to start ATV and move it to location that is accessible by Tow Truck.

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