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  1. Shouldn't that say "Professionally Staffed by a guy who lives in FL during the winter cause its cold up here. He is old and only makes 4 calls a year but hey we need the numbers". Maybe that is a bit to long. Bring back the Actual Professional firefighters and release your rolls. Are they still scared people will see what a fraud you have been perpetrating with these claims of 300 active members?
  2. So basically out of the question for all departments in Westchester except the cities. I do know how the rig works, but the point was that most places are not gonna hire another guy to the squads to man that seat.
  3. That's a great video showing how pre-planning your area before purchasing a rig is always a great idea. I think that while great, most departments don't have the man power to operate the tiller. In Westchester, most are lucky to get one guy on the rig. Does the Officer drive the front or the back? It sucks to bring up staffing but its the hard truth when it comes to these apparatus.
  4. Well i thought the meeting went well. Mayor and the Board just kept getting blasted with truth and you could tell it hurt. The board knows they all committed political suicide and that they will not be in office after the next election. A lot of great points were made and the speakers were all well informed and cool calm and collected. The real highlights came from Chief Flynn, Barry Mcgoey, and A Officer from Greenburgh who's name escapes me. They all had there ducks in a row, they came with that cool heads, and most importantly, they let the board know that we as firemen are not going away. We will keep on them till this is resolved. Another highlight was at the end when the Mayor tried to stop two board members from adding a item to the agenda. Tried to say that Trustee Luis Marino could not second Trustee Greg Adams vote to re-instate the Port Chester Eight because he had abstained from the now infamous first vote. After some back and forth the item was added to the next meetings agenda.
  5. That is correct. The Village is in the red because the 1 million dollars from Rye Brook would offset the cost for the career staff. This was a nice little chunk of cash that was in the budged and was still included after the guys were cut. Real shifty book keeping. Hope every resident from Port Chester goes to the next board meeting and let them know this is not good. Don't gamble with peoples lives cause your just gonna lose.
  6. Any official info been released to the public yet? News 12 on the scene? Seems like something that they should be covering. Shutting down a career department seems like a very drastic step to take. Were the vols spared? If your gonna do something dumb and get rid of firemen then shouldn't they have cut everyone, career and vol?
  7. They were running with a 1979 Ford/Hamerly, 1999 HME Pumper, 1975 American La France ladder truck. I think the town made the right choice. Why waste $1.5 million on the vols when they only went on 61 calls. I don't think that money total took into consideration that a new rig needed to be purchased. They had a GoFundMe site set up to buy a ladder. The town weighted the options and it would be cheaper for Pittsburgh to come into the town when they had a call. It works out to about one call every week, easy coverage. The borough is 0.4 sq mi. with a population of 3,330 people. There are only 28 members on the rolls but i think we all know about the roll numbers and actual firefighters are two different numbers. They should be happy a fully staffed department with properly trained guys are now covering the town.
  8. Well luckily no one was seriously hurt. Sucks to see a new rig get busted up. Islip is a pretty big department so i am sure they can peel a few bills off and either get it fixed or just buy a new one.
  9. The new rochelle results are already out
  10. http://www.breitbart.com/video/2015/04/27/watch-fire-hose-in-baltimore-cut-by-rioter/ Don't know how to post video but this is very scary. The reporter is doing his report and a guy come up to distract him why his accomplice walks up and cuts a supply line not even 30 seconds after it is charged. Let this be a lesson to everybody. This kind of unrest can hit anywhere and at anytime. If something sparks unrest and people start rioting, WATCH YOUR BACKS!! Listening to the scanners and there telling LEO to not even get out there cars if there is a large group around.
  11. Ah yes the Kentland 33 yahoo's. Not surprised this happened to them. Only a matter of time. They are a bit too unprofessional for anyone's tastes. I have met firemen from around the country and world, both career and volunteer, and no one can hold a candle to how these guys run. We are all Type A personalities and cocky but look at how these guys present themselves. "We are better then you" "Busiest company in the country" That's all nice and cute but every time the run totals come out they seem to not be the top guys. hmmm. There is this story
  12. More like 750 ems runs and the rest is structural.
  13. 27 years and you don't know the difference between 60 Control and the Westchester Fire Training Center. Interesting and telling
  14. i plain just don't get it. Like the cold water challenge was for charity. This is just dumb kids who have to be either on drugs or drunk setting themselves on fire, for no reason. Plus they burn for like half a second then jump in the water. you don't look so tough when your screaming like a little girl. Kids are just dumb these days. SMH
  15. OK where to begin: Flake the kinks out your hose.in the door is not the time for a nozzle change. Also the combination tip works just fine if thats what you got on the hose.Don't just stand around.1:00 min mark: don't leave your helmet on the ground and walk away from it.After 2:00 mark, is that sound electric wires arcing or just random background sounds the mic is picking up?don't shoor water at a sparking wire.No communications about venting. I will assume from the looks of things that a inside attack was not going down so it is not like you were cordinationg with a hose team2:51 min in. Don't do that with your nozzle, ever3:40 min in. Don't ask for more pressure if you have 20 kinks in your line. Unkink your line.Try not to let the fire get away from youdoor controlFire - don't just stare at it, put it out. alot of non-fighting going on here.Choose the right size hose for the job. Where is your 2 1/2"? Big fire means big water.OK i know some of these are kinda knit picky but i just gave it a quick watching. I am not gonna say you guys suck or that was horrible cause everyone in the county is working short staffed and heavily rely on mutaul aid. Was this firemen a probie? was it his first job? These are all things that change the way we view these "mistakes" . I would expect a fresh out FF1 kid to not know everything there is to know. He is gonna stand around and wait to be told. A seasoned guy is gonna get it done and move with purpose and speed. I hope this is seen as constructive. I tried to give real advice and insight. All we can see is a snippit of the whole picture. clearly there is alot going on in this house (as seen form the smoke coming from otehr parts of house).