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  1. They've recently have installed them on what was broadway. That's what he ran into on 45th street and stopped him. I'm not sure if they plan on putting them in on the 7th part of Times Square where he was able to drive onto the sidewalk. Terrible tradegy prayers to all the families
  2. It was on another social media site giving credit to someone else. Didn't read it all the way to the end. My mistake
  3. That was written by a very respected chief in the FDNY.
  4. Instead of questioning an exterior attack vs an aggressive interior attack. They should be getting back to basics and work on that. Like someone mentioned above not really an "A" effort. The way the video was edited you can't really create a true time line of how long it took to get things going. In the video it shows an engine pulling up and to me it looks like it took a long time to get the line in place and water in it. They had a chance to make a good push on this but their lack of assertiveness and aggressiveness they let this get away from them. I'd be embarrassed if I was the chief after seeing this.
  5. I guess all the firefighters and chiefs on the roof who gave reports and conditions wasn't enough or believeable.
  6. Sounds like someone is a little bitter. Didn't make the cut ??
  7. This is a joke right. ???? That man has seen more in an hour than most people see in their careers.
  8. Should've never been taken away in the first place.
  9. Are we really trying to make an issue on this ? Did you write this from your safe space? If you have a problem with the way the chief spoke why don't you take a drive to talk to him. And I'm sure he'll tell you to get the f*** outta his office. If you're not gonna do that I suggest you stop being a keyboard warrior and focus on something else that matters more
  10. No we do not have brush gear
  11. A heavier tip load
  12. Another end of an era of a Mack/ aerialscope. I absolutely love these rigs. Why aren't they rechassising the boom to a new body ? That would awesome
  13. Who cares what he was doing. He was distracted and obviously didn't see a huge red fire truck with flashing lights on it Having the rig protecting the scene basically saved the brothers. This is why using the rig to block the scene is key. Rigs are replaceable the brothers aren't