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  • Location Trumbull, CT, Formerly of Purchase, NY
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  1. Excellent!
  2. Our new attack truck. Long Hill Fire District, Trumbull, CT.
  3. EJ Metals of Wisconsin is currently building an attack pumper for The Long Hill Fire District in the Town of Trumbull, CT. The truck is being built on an F-550 4x4 chassis and delivery is expected some time in June.
  4. So I guess Mount Vernon has no social media policies and that's why this moron still has a job?
  5. Best of luck in your retirement Ange!
  6. Great picture and congratulations. That's my brother Lou second from left standing in front of the truck that our father was on the truck committee when it was being spec'd back in 1956 (it was delivered in 1957 as a 1957). It's also the first firetruck I ever drove before it was converted to diesel/automatic. Lot's of memories and glad to see she is back home where she belongs.
  7. Check out the video on our website (www.longhillfd.com) of our Station 3. The musically timed Christmas lights are up an running again this year. Below is our Satellite at the holiday lighting at the Trumbull Mall (photo courtesy of the Long Hill Fire Department). Happy Holidays everyone!
  8. We have a few. Go to our website; www.longhillfd.com There is also a picture of our new rescue on the main page which is also a Spartan.
  9. It's probably an oversight. The list can't be too old it was announced last year that truck production would cease at the Oshawa plant and the list indicates 2008 as the closure date. Truck production will be consolidated in Fort Wayne (where my truck was built). Most of the plants that closed were old plants to begin with and to rebuild them wouldn't be cost effective. According to the list in that last 10 years GM has opened 5 plants in the US. Considering the costs that's not bad for a company in financial dire straits.
  10. So if it's true then there are no more GM domestic assembly plants in the US? Or was this quote taken out of proportion and what was really misunderstood was that GM spent the last 30 years setting up shop in foreign countries to support the markets there? You remember that the playing field is global and has been for quite some time. It is not always profitable for a company, especially an American company, to build at home and ship overseas. The Japanese have built plants here for the same reasons except they have also been given huge tax brakes to do so paid for by you and me. For the US market production GM only has factories in two foreign contries, one in Canada and one in Mexico. This link will give you a list of GM assembly plants arount the world; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_GM_factories And for you non-believers, I own a 19 year old Chevy pickup with over 100,000 miles on it and I never had a problem. Sitting next to it in the Garage is a 10 year old Mercedes that is starting to rot out. No Rot on the pickup. And I've owned both since new. My neighbor across the street has owned a 2000 Tahoe since new which now has over 300,000 miles on it and guess what, never a problem. I also owned two Japanese vehichles and had nothing but problems with both of them. Japanese quality is a matter of perception I guess.
  11. Long Hill Fire Department in Trumbull, CT this Sunday. See details at link below; http://www.longhillfd.com/events/openhouse/openhouse08.htm
  12. Westport, CT is running our two old Mack CF/Pierce engines as spares. Although I have heard a rumor that one may be up for sale.
  13. Yes! At the time I was still in Purchase but this was a huge promotion for smoke detectors. My department was distributing them to local residents for their homes to promote fire safety. The truck in the picture is our old Engine 206 which is a 1975 Maxim. This truck is still in service with a volunteer department in West Virginia except it is now white over orange. The guys in the picture are Ricky Johnson, the late Art Knapp, Pete Hreschak, Gene Miller Sr.(I think), Bob Flader and I am not sure who the chief on the left is. Chief Henry Stevens is pictured in the add below. Thanks for posting!