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  1. I remember back in the days when I worked there we used to dump hundreds of gallons of fuel into apit and burn it. Those days are lon gone. Tell Starace, Ferguson and Pete Retherford said hello.

    1. aviator70


      And I agree, training is not even remotely close to enough. I think that everybody should have to go to at least basic FF school at the Academy. 


  2. Too old school. LOL. Now if that was the new body style yes.
  3. I think Charger is #1 followed not too far behind Interceptor in my book, if I had to pick. Never Chevy.
  4. Best part of the job working at HPN Ops was snow removal.
  5. Lucky and happy all OK. Guess they get a new engine out of it.
  6. Bronxville PD only has these in their fleet.
  7. Was that the crash on CPA under the Thruway near the old Ground Round? Remember that one.
  8. I used to drive that ARFF Truck. Old Airport 7.
  9. Hearing officer hired by the fire district, LOL, yeah, that is a non-biased opinion!
  10. It could be as simple as giving him a pay and rank bump before he leaves. Not sure what they did when VOPD merged. Maybe they leave, fully knowing they will be out of a job, and if so, trust me, they are not walking away empty handed.
  11. And they will get better cars, based on what I have been told about MK's current vehicles.
  12. Not what the article says. The merger is still a possibility. There are other reasons that this could have been done that does not have anything to do with if they merge or not.
  13. www.fdnytrucks.com might be a start.