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  1. Can I ask why did they sell it ?
  2. Does this mean when they do 911 calls in the future that Empress will be out of business? Because what makes you think that AMR isn't going to take Empress out of the big cities in Westchester?
  3. Let's hope the kme's hold up better then the ferrara rescues.
  4. I live in New Rochelle and I don't know anything about this. plus New Rochelle has a 3 year contact with Empress.
  5. How many ambulance's is the FDNY Leasing ?
  6. What's the reason for Empress getting more ambulance's is it because there doing more then Yonkers now there doing white plains Mount Vernon and New Rochelle now ?
  7. This contract is stupid just give it to empress.
  8. Is there going to be 3 ambulances at night of just 2 like transcare was doing ?
  9. Is there going to be 2 deck gun's on the platform part?
  10. New Rochelle does the same thing. if they have more man on duty that day they put rescue 4 in service.
  11. Hey Barry when is the new engine 22 going in to servic.hey Barry I got an idea take the soon to be out service engine 22 and give it to the engine 24 crew that would be the engine 24 until the day you replace 24.
  12. When will the bid's come back for tower ladder 11 ?
  13. New Rochelle police has three of these two of them are supervisor"s and one is K9 unit.
  14. When is New Rochelle Engine 22 supposed be delivered?