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  1. I have been down there both before and after, my wife is from the Breezy/Roxbury area and there are several issues in rebuilding. Most of the area has been grandfathered in because they do not meet current building codes. If they tare down completely they cannot rebuild by the rules. Temporay housing can be set in Floyd Bennett Field which is by Roxbury. Many of the homes have either been destroyed, burned down, or washed away. Where do you start. 3/4 of the homes have damage. Then take Long Beach. 100% lost power and much still is not back. With flooding, putting the wires underground is not an option.
  2. Who pissed off mother nature this year?
  3. Fire Police serve at the discretion of their Chief.
  4. I have an old U Haul truck, we are going out to a specific area Tuesday my friend grew up in. Here is a list of what we need ASAP, PM me Non Perishable foods Blankets Shoes/Boots Socks Personal Hygiene Products Diapers Baby Food/Formula Batteries Dog Food Paper cups & plates Plastic forks & knives Garbage Bags Disposable Gloves *Clothes and Bottled Water are not needed right now so please stick to the items above* Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.
  6. Simple little tool called a Battery Terminal Puller removes the terminal from the battery faster then cutting. You can get a cheap one for $10 or a good one for $30. Then you can always reconnect if you have to. You do no damage.
  7. We saw it in NYC with Sigorny Weaver some time ago. Wish I could go to this Walter. No sitter for the big guy and with being away and the limited time I have for the next few weeks, it'll be tough. you know I'm there in spirit.
  8. Now if they only had enough firefighters to man them
  9. Many departments make arrangements to move families into the fire house during the stand by. If your family is at the firehouse, you know they are safe. That is most important. The house can be repaired or even replaced if need be. The families physical well being is more important. If you know they are safe, you can concentrate on the job at hand.
  10. Date: 8/23/2011 Time: 10:44 PM Location: 40 High Ridge Road Garrison Frequency: Putnam County 5, fireground 4 & 7 Units Operating: 15 1-3 IC and 15 6-1 at scene, 15 2-2 for LZ PCSO & NYSP Weather Conditions: cool and dark Description Of Incident: 76 year old woman walking her dog in the dark fell down a 40 foot cliff Reporters: ajsbear Writer: ajsbear
  11. And hopefully yours will be coming soon
  12. You got me Cap, 1973, gear was on the rigs climb up when you got their and change. 2 SCBA's per rig in a case. Riding the back step,(miss getting dressed while hanging on) or on the truck the side step if someone was already in the 2 jump seats. We had the old MSA's but they were out of service. Had my own gloves. later after I took my essentials class I got a canvas coat and pull up boots and Leather New Yorker assigned to me. Still have the NY'er. And we all shared the same face piece. It was assigned to the mask.
  13. Did you notice how many times in his speak he said "I"
  14. To the members of Seal Team 6 and all the supporting troops that assisted in this mission, we all thank you.