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  1. That was Ladder 39 a 1947 American LaFrance Its stick was 65ft. originally it was an open cab. If memory serves me correctly the cab was added in the late 80's and the beacon light also, to meet the standard of a warning light visible 360 degrees. the siren light used to be mounted up top in the center. The tower ladder was a 1973 - 74 (not sure, Greenville also had one), which was purchased to replace L-39 but when it arrived or while being built it wouldn't fit in the firehouse, so the tower bay was added and then it was decided to keep L-39. the tower in fact responded out of Pocantico Hills firehouse till the addition was done. I remember the old mutual aid run card at County Control having a note to specify aerial or tower ladder when Pleasantville was requested. If you pass Fire Headquarters on Washington Ave. there is a corner stone on the tower bay that will tell you the year. L-39 was retired in the early 90's. Don't hold me to all these facts but I'm pretty sure I got it straight Its been a long time