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  1. Looks great - bit of trivia = that front compartment closest to the turntable was originally mounted over the rear wheel of the trailer - the tiller drivers said it interfered with their line of site when turning - so the shop unbolted them and moved them forward - thats why it kind of looks out of place - because it is! lol
  2. Not an opinion - just stating a fact! - Theoretically a "fire district" could be created in Westchester that does include 100% of the county - that could circumvent "Home Rule"
  3. Not being critical of having two choppers - correcting statement that it was use it for a chopper or lose it!
  4. Not true if that money was part of the UASI funds it could have been used for any number of things (not specifically earmarked for a helicopter use it or lose it) It was the County's decision to earmark the funds for the choppers!
  5. As far as I know the Career departments don't set the standard - in NYS - OFPC sets the standard - and I beleive there are 2 standards one for Career and one for volunteer? If everyone followed the same standard it would be a level playing field. For Firefighters and Officers.
  6. Is there any room in Rhode Island? - Thats where it came from!
  7. wow - it took almost 4 years to answer that question! - Did he just wake up out of a coma? Do they take that long to respond - lol - I stand by my original assesment - the emperor has no clothes!
  8. Make sure you do the math gasoline 6lbs per gallon, water 8.3lbs per gallon on a large tanker like that the difference may exceed the GVW of the trailer if it was originally designed to carry fuel. 5000 gallons of gasoline = 30,000lbs, 5000 gallons of water 41,500lbs thats 33% more weight!!!
  9. I think that is facing east from Larkin Plaza looking up into manor House Square? - I beleive those apartment buildings in the background are on the dead end of overlook terrace. The building on the left I think was a bar (Ryan's?) just west of Philipsburg Hall - The motorcade is entering the north side of larkin Plaza heading west toward the train station.
  10. Yonkers was last Sunday - when is it in Rhode Island?
  11. huzzie bear - I agree w the posters is that diesel is the way to go - you just have to be aware of the new emissions controls - they rib the diesels of power and also after treatment urea devices are going to be implemented if they have not already - our 3 Battalion vehilces (F-350's) were originally going to be diesel because of all the new emissions we opted to go with the V10 gas - to le...