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  1. Actually it is a M1078.. the 2.5 ton variant. If it had a 2nd rear axle, it would be a 5 ton, the M1083.
  2. NYS OEM also has some M900 series ex military 5 tons.
  3. 38-60 will be for sale in a year or so. You can own it.
  4. Marlborough Fire District just put out to bid a replacement for the 1994 Duplex/Saulsbury Rescue
  5. Great place to buy/sell firematic items of all types.
  6. I wonder how it attaches to the mask. With everyone getting fit tested/sized, this needs to snap in QUICKLY without tools while your in the apparatus, because very few depts. out there will be buying them for every mask.
  7. The FMTV's are great vehicles, until you need to get parts... Depending on the part, you may have an easy time, or a very hard time...
  8. We have had good success with the DEC Wildland grants http://www.dec.ny.gov/regulations/2364.html This year's window closed 2 weeks ago. They upped the amount from $1000 to $1500 this year.
  9. Local fire dept crews are going mutual aid there doing 12 hour shifts. A brush truck with a crew. I heave not heard a # to determine what a crew is.
  10. Can someone explain to me how NYS OFPC Training hours work? I am being told there are 1500 hours allocated from OFPC to each county for "State OFPC " training, and when those are allocated, that's it. It seems to me that some counties have tons of "State OFPC" training opportunities (FF1, FF2, and all other OFPC classes) , and others, not so much. I am trying to separate truth from fiction.
  11. Good info... Separate question I know OFPC has their own "outreach" instructors that travel all over the state teaching classes (not FF1 type stuff, but more like "not the normal" type classes). For instance, we had one come down for a one night class on Hybrid Car Awareness type info, where state certs were issued.. Who's hours do those come out of? The Countys?
  12. Im trying not to go that route... Like I said, Im trying to separate fact from fiction and verify what I am being told....
  13. Is there a list of SFIs are assigned to each county?
  14. Anyone??????
  15. Sliding on ice in apparatus is scary. Been there, done that. All were belted in, and the only injury was to my pride.
  16. You don't need a vote to be allowed to keep accruing after 65. It's Federal EEOC law. If a dept does not allow accrual over 65, that's age discrimination, and there are several cases in NY that have been won (and none lost) that tell disticts to "pay up". My districts lawyer has said that these cases wont be lost, and any district that wants to fight it will A) loose the case be made to pay the accrual difference c) be made to pay the lawyer fees.. Bottom line, don't fight it as your going to loose and have to pay the lawyer to fight the case your going to loose. http://www1.eeoc.gov//eeoc/newsroom/release/4-12-10a.cfm?renderforprint=1 http://www1.eeoc.gov//eeoc/newsroom/release/11-5-09a.cfm?renderforprint=1 http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2012/09/towns_of_cicero_and_clay_and_v.html http://www.vfis.com/documents/BenefitsNews3-11_001.pdf Page 4
  17. Thats correct... And it is also retroactive..
  18. My dept is $20 per year, collect at 65, and max out at $800. In my area, they are all about the same. The real question is what does your dept do for those OVER 65 who still make their points?
  19. Throw the book at him. Doesn't matter if he was a "member" or not.
  20. I was talking to a SFI, and asked about the ceiling simulator... He said for depts that don't have one (and very few do according to him) he said when they run the course outdoors he uses a decent sized tree branch, pulling it up and down.......
  21. First, this sucks, and once they find those responsible, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. I would imagine that someone has to have insurance to cover damage that cant be easily fixed. Spray paint doesn't make the apparatus useless, and should come off diamond plate with some remover and elbow grease... We get stripes on bunker gear replaced when they get damaged for minimal cost. I don't see how they get the $50,000 figure...
  22. www.govliquidation.com and www.govplanet.com are just 2 ways civilians can buy ex military vehicles.
  23. It all depends on the state your registering it. NYS didn't require me to do anything other than pay my $ for the registration. Some states are a PITA, others don't seem to care. NY seems not to care, amazingly. Granted, I already had 100% valid titles or SF-97's. I make sure of that when I buy vehicles. When people have strange/bad/no paperwork, that's when DMV starts digging, and that usually doesn't go well. Ususally, if there is a EPA National security exemption sticker on the engine, that is OK with the state. Only a handful of states worry about it, California being one of them with the more modern stuff.
  24. HMMWV's are fun. I own a real USGI one, 100% street legal and registered/insured, from the USMC/Manheim auctions in the 1990's. It is fully restored. They are a lot of maintenance if you don't know what your doing or some of their quirks like halfshalf bolts and EESS boxes.. Parts are available, but some parts are not cheap. One thing to be wary of is that there are no titles or SF-97's given with these trucks in the GOV PLANET auction, that may present a problem sooner or later.