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  1. I was deployed on Saturday morning (Yonkers spare L-78) at about 0900Hrs with a crew of five firefighters and did not get home until Monday morning at about 0230Hrs. We were first sent to Freeport LI and then sent to Baldwin LI. I had a great crew who was willing to do anything asked to help the people of Long Island. We responded to many calls and our relief crew actually caught a couple of structure fires.
  2. I agree Buy a Mac and you'll never look back!
  3. Hi Khan, You seem way too excited about this. Some people might say the same if they cut your police job in Bedford Hills. I am all for reduction in wasteful spending. The Port Authority has a 6.3 BILLION $ budget. Lets get rid of some pencil pushers. You have a lot to learn. Stay safe !
  4. I know NRFD does a lot more with EMS than lifting and carrying your gear.