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  1. Ossining FD has taken delivery of a 2017 KME Severe Service pumper. The unit, designated as Engine 101, replaces a 1993 E-One Hurricane 1250/750. The Village of Ossining has also approved to accept bids to furnish and deliver a new 22 passenger command vehicle. The new apparatus features (as per KME): • Cummins ISX 500HP Engine • Allison 4000 EVSR Transmission • 1500gpm Hale Q2 Dual Stage Fire Pump • 660 Gallon Water Tank • 25 Gallon Foam Cell • High Side Compartmentation
  2. Members of R14 are currently using Utility 153 to respond out of. They have the confined space equipment and other items in the spill response trailer to respond with. It will be gone for approximately 90 days. I believe it's currently at the E-One factory in Florida. They're going to be doing a ton of work to it and will essentially be a new apparatus when completed. It was cheaper to refurb then to purchase a brand new one, especially when looking into the near future when Ossining has 4 pumpers due for replacement coming up over the course of the next few years (101,98,96,100). 2 of which are due in the near future.
  3. Nice send off for it. Best of luck to you guys on the new engine and to TOB VFD on theirs as well.
  4. That's actually where I got my info from, combined with IFCO's facebook page.
  5. It's the Town Of Broome Volunteer Fire Department in Middleburgh, NY that was devastated by Hurricane Irene a couple years ago from what I understand. It was donated for $1.
  6. Serving as Tower Ladder 228 for them and replacing a 1973 Telesquirt
  7. http://news.yahoo.com/video/86-old-firefighter-rescued-current-184017651.html
  8. Are they going to keep it as is or are they going to re-paint it to their colors and put their decals on the truck?
  9. http://wxyz.m0bl.net/w/news-local/story/97057278/
  10. Have you asked your doctor(s) what they'd recommend? Might want to try that if you haven't.
  11. Have you tried things like P90X or Insanity workouts?
  12. http://www.lohud.com/article/20130802/NEWS/308020027/Major-traffic-disruption-coming-bridge-Hutchinson-Parkway-repaired
  13. WCPD Aviation missed out on the ice rescue in Somers during the winter because it fell on the 1 day of the week they don't fly due to budget cuts or something along those lines too.
  14. Meanwhile the Coast Guard completed their investigation into the barges and said they had adequate lighting. All lighting on the barges were up to standard. The company who owns the barges have stated they will add more lighting to the barges. I'm with some of you who say let law enforcement do their thing before we jump to conclusions. The story has already taken many twists and turns.
  15. It's really not difficult at all to spot an unmarked car these days. Buying all new $40,000 vehicles or however much they are at taxpayer expense just so they can sit a couple inches higher is a complete waste of money and one of the dumbest things I've heard of since being apart of this site.