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  1. Heavy Rescue 56 is now HR3. The Pierce LAFD tillers all 7 of them have been returned to Pierce with a long list of issues. LAFD doesnt have 40 Truck co so that is incorrect. 10 year contract is true for now. LaCo Fire HM and USAR tractors are custom built for that use. You know the difference by the USAR tractor has a solid red bumper and 3 door cab. HM has a chrome bumper and a 4 door cab. 3 new HM and 1 USAR tractors are currently awaiting as one HM tractor is assigned to either HM 43 or 105. Most Duplex trucks are reserve status but.. very good rigs. LAFD also has an order with Pierce for new engine co's. Hope this helps.
  2. Thank you for posting this info. Had no idea
  3. E10 has the Electronic Q. E14 has the machanical Q.
  4. Is this the first rig to have a true Federal Q siren?
  5. HR56 ran about 500 runs last year is what i read in a statistic report. They respond on every Physical rescue, USAR, Major emergency(second alarm and greater). Also can be special called by the IC if needed. Yes, they are staffed 24/7 with an Engineer and FF both highly trained in operations.
  6. Many Southern California Depts use wooden ladders.
  7. I had the pleasure of visiting E54/L4 and B9. Great guys very friendly. As was most stations, i did say most.
  8. Structure assignment... 1 Task Force (Truck 2 Engines) 1 single Engine 1 ALS or BLS Ambulance and a BC. Commercial Fire... 2 Task Forces, 1 Engine co,ALS , BLS Ambulance, Squad (Haz Mat) BC and one add engine for command post. Either one of these assignments can be modified.
  9. M'Ave.... Thanks for the response. Good to hear the KME's are working out. I believe alot of readers don't understand how specialized and custom an FDNY rig is. It's not an off the shelf order that so many depts can have and work well for them. Anyway... May the Seagraves, Ferrara and KME keep FDNY safe and get the job done.
  10. How are the Rescues and Haz Mat holding up?
  11. DashFlash, That was a requirment along time ago. No sirens or air horns on the roof. Must be mounted down low in front. Grill, bumper.
  12. Was it not an NFPA requierment for all apparatus to use head sets. Personally i'm not bashing any F/F. Also ..NFPA required all sirens and horns to be removed from the top of the cab to be installed at the bumper or grill area. Unless a dept is using vintage rigs this should not be an issue.
  13. My bad, i meant the 3rd pic. I have seen studys on sirens. Even though it has been a few years. The electronic siren are better heard from the side or rear. As for a mechanical Q its sound fills all around. Plus it is much louder then a electronic siren. I wish i still had the report so i could share and explain in more detail. Example on a electric siren... Has anyone noticed or seen a speaker at a 45% angle? They are trying to have the sound move ahead and not to the side or rear. And electronic siren is a electronic siren no matter what sound comes out of the speaker.
  14. I agree with SECTMB. Every dept that i have seen or involved with uses headsets. It is no secret that the siren, horn and all other noise around us has a direct impact on hearing. The Federal Q is the strongest and loudest siren made. So yes photo 4 is the simplest way to direct the noise forward. Thats what you want anyways. So to sue instead of using headsets that is if Buffalo is not what a chicken s#$@ move. My left ear is diffently weaker than my right. What a concept!! So if the F/F choose not to wear headsets then its their own fault. They have a choice.