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  1. Once they publish the full listing of vehicles,equipment it could be a good opportunity for smaller or even bigger departments/ companies to get a good deal on equipment. Obviously the condition of said equipment will be a key factor for many but in the end, it's a liquidation auction they are just trying to get rid of it for some value. I know several of the companies whom have taken over coverage jurisdictions have put in claims for certain stations/ vehicles but other than that is seems like it's all going auction.
  2. It's unlikely they are F-350 with that size box..Just based off the picture they look like 168" -170" boxes so it's more likely F-450 Chassis. Correct me if I'm wrong those with FDNY knowledge was the last planned order from wheeled coach 156" boxes or 170" ? Regardless unfortunately recoil is right ...looks like the "plan" is to just have open overtime for anyone that will take it and hope that the volunteer providers can also provide more crews.
  3. The number of calls SVFD responds to is that for only their first due territory or + AMA?, It wouldn't surprise me either way just wondering, because SV goes MA to several other territories on a somewhat regular basis. The reality is SV is a nightmare with code issues, politicians looking the other way or trying to all out thwart the FD completely (see news articles from when the new mayor came into office). It's a tough nut, we go on scenes for FD Structures, FD make entry into a house and find walls that nobody knew were there. It's rampant in SV and the town of Ramapo. The danger it poses for all responders is scary.
  4. If SVFD covered EMS their call volume would be more like 3000-4000 calls, thats what Spring Hill EMS does in the valley avg year.
  5. Exactly....Medic 31 truck last time I saw it was a Tahoe labeled Rockland Paramedics...the rest of the Medic trucks in rockland are suburbans labeled in Rockland Paramedics livery as well as whichever Medic it is (23, 25, 3, 5, 21, etc..) on the rear windows. Medic 1 runs the Type II Ambulance as per contract with the town. RMC still does the transport work within the county and beyond in a multitude of various type II vans and Type III rigs. Just thought I would add a little bit of what I know.
  6. Correct Spring Hill Community Ambulance Corps responds to on average over 5,000 calls a years and is the busiest in the Hudson Valley I know for sure. The only Corps which might have the edge for the state totals are one or two of the busier Long Island Corps.
  7. Most likely this will not effect the 5 other Corps as much as one would think their primary response area is the Village of New Square which they and Hatzolah have been covering for years. The residents usually do not call 911 but a special hotline so this will most likely not change. Now I would guess New Square can be dispatched by Ramapo Police (I have yet to hear their tones) like the 5 other corps and be used in the mutual aid plans. Within the town all the corps respond to roughly probably 10,000 calls a year (very rough guesstimate)
  8. My organization has the same problem right now while designing our new rig. We have run ford E-Series diesels for over 20+ years and now we are faced with the decision of either going with the Gas powered Ford Chassis or the Duramax Chevy. We have had tons of problems with the Ford Diesels but we have an excellent Ford certified shop that does our repairs. After making phone calls at least here in the lower Hudson valley very few dealerships will service the medium duty Chevy's for any warranty work. So that adds a whole other wrench into the situation. I would love to go Ford F-Series but they will not fit in our current bays length wise.