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  1. Date: 7/10/2012 Time: 1641 Location: IFO 624 State Route 52 (the old East Side Bar and Grill) Frequency: OC 911, FG A, Walden UHF repeater Units Operating: Walden Cars 1,2,3; Walden Engine 238 and Rescue 246; Coldenham Car 1 and Engine (unknown which); NYSP; Town of Montgomery PD; Mobile Life; Town of Montgomery VAC; Weather Conditions: Clear/Sunny/Hot Description Of Incident: - Initial dispatch of a 1 car rollover w/ injuries and entrapment. Additional info given to first units responding stated Driver of rollover was a pregnant female with serious injuries. - WFD Car 3 first on scene updating that he had a two car accident, 1 vehicle on its roof with a patient trapped with serious injuries, second vehicle's patient is out and walking around. Also at the request of TOMVAC EMT on scene a medivac to be launched due to nature of injuries. - second PD unit on scene (unknown which) extinguished small fire in the engine compartment of vehicle 2. - WFD Car 3 request for retone for all available manpower and 1 walden engine to the LZ @ Stone Castle Road and RT 52. - WFD Car 1 on scene directing R-246 to extricate patient and E-238 provide support. Coldenham FD to cover LZ standby. - R-246 on scene with tools going to work, Engine 238 on scene with 1 line streched and assisting w/ extrication. - Patient extricated and transport by Mobile Life ALS unit to LZ. WFD units to cleanup and disable vehicles. - it was reported that victim transported was intubated and flown to Westchester Medical center w/ serious head injuries. Reporters: HAZFD360 If anyone has any additional information or times to go along please let me know.
  2. The rescue looks like a Rescue 1. If you look at the front bumper the emblem is in the hitch attachment. I only know cause my department is the same.
  3. Tanker shuttle operations ceased between 1400 and 1500 hours. According to incident commander operations are going to turn into more of a babysitting mode. Most mutual aid crews were told to begin packing up.
  4. Date:11/25/2011 Time:1530 approx Location: Saint Andrews Road, between State Route 52 and Plains Road Frequency: 156.150, 154.205, 157.450, 153.860 Units Operating: Walden Fire Department (Cars 1,2,3,4; Rescue 246, Engines 238 & 236, Fire Police 241) Town of Montgomery VAC, Town of Montgomery PD Weather Conditions: Sunny Description Of Incident: Reported MVA with medivac put on standby immediately (PD witnessed the accident) Reporters: Writer: HAZFD360 Driver of an early 90s Volvo station wagon fell asleep at the wheel, lost control of the car and went off the road striking a tree head on. Upon arriving on scene FD units Rescue 246 and Engine 238 put the tools to work completely removing the roof and then popping driver side door wear the patient was removed from. It was deptermined upon arrival of EMS that patient would be transported by ground and the medivac was cancelled. Patient transported by local VAC to St. Francis for multiple injuries. R246 and E236 returned to quarters while E238 stood by until removal of vehicle by tow company
  5. Welcome to the forums HAZFD360 We look foward to hearing your ideas, tboughts, and opinions!