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  1. Date: 1/10/2017 Time: 1058 Location: 616 Union Ave District: Vails Gate Fire District Battalion: 4th Channel: Weather: Cold Units: Vails Gate Fire Department - Full New Windsor Fire Department - Engine Goodwill Fire Department - Engine C/Newburgh - FAST Cornwall Fire Department - Truck Standby: Washingtonville Fire Department - Truck Storm King Fire Department - Engine Writer: Description: Fire in a 2 story, multiple family dwelling. 1105: Command reports 2 story multi family dwelling, heavy fire in the rear. All occupants accounted for. 1115: 2 lines in operation, trucks venting the roof, main body knocked down. 1125: 2 lines remain in operation, crews checking for extension.
  2. http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/2014/07/16/fumes-force-larchmont-residents-homes/12758561/
  3. box 1075 customs i know they have a facebook and instagram account.
  4. the last posting i could find.
  5. Date: 10/20/2013 Time: 0530 (approx) Incident Type: 1 vehicle accident - multiple pins - triple medevac. Location: 1184 River Road District: New Windsor FD Units: New Windsor FD Car 1&2 (445,446) Newburgh FD (T-1, E-1) Vails Gate FD (Cars 1,2,5 R-480) Cornwall FD (Engine for landing zone) Cornwall on Hudson FD (s/b engine) Goodwill FD (s/b company) New Windsor EMS (Multiple) New Windsor Police, Mobile Life Support Services, 2 medevacs. Description: 1 vehicle accident, vehicle ended up on its roof. Multiple patients were pinned. Multiple tools were put into operation. Now a fatal MVA http://www.midhudsonnews.com/News/2013/October/21/fatal_Bacon-21Oct13.htm
  6. Date: 9/1/2013 Time:1340 Location:3 Vance Rd Units:VGFD Car 1, R-480, E-478,479,481. New Windsor Paramedics and EMS, Air 2, NWPD Description: 1 vehicle accident. Victim was trapped underneath vehicle. Removed prior to FD arrival. approx times -- 1340 - VG dispatched to the above address for MVA. 1343 - NW Medic 1 checking status of medevac. 1345 - Dispatch advises patient no longer trapped underneath vehicle. 1346 - VG Car 1 on scene. 1348 - Command requesting launch of medevac. Landing zone to be at Little Britain School. 1350 - 911 advising medevac ETA approximately 5 minutes. FD units arriving to stabilize vehicle. 1351 - 481&478 have landing zone established. 1355 - NWEMS command report patient being packaged. 15 minute eta to leave scene. Medevac on final approach. 1359 - E-481 advising medevac on the ground.
  7. Date: 05/23/2013 Time: 1415 Incident Type: MVA w/ Pin District: Vails Gate / Cornwall line Location: NYS TWAY N/B MM 54.9 Units: Vails Gate FD (Car 1 / R-480, E-479, E-478) Cornwall FD (R-403, TA-437) Cornwall EMS, New Windsor Medic 187, NYSP Frequency: Base 5 & OC-911 Weather Conditions: Rainy, Warm Reporters: Billy98988 Description: 1415 - Vails Gate dispatched for an overturned tractor trailer at above location 1416 - Vails Gate Car 1 responding 1419 - NYSP on scene reporting w/ entrapment. 1420 - Correct location at 54.9 - advising Cornwall FD their district to respond. 1424 - VGFD Car 1 advising tractor trailer down embankment on its side. 1425 - Cornwall FD units responding. 1429 - Vails Gate R-480 on scene. Cornwall 1 arriving on scene assuming command. 1430 - New Windsor Medic 187 on scene, Cornwall EMS on scene.
  8. Date: 05/22/2013 Time: 2145 Incident Type: People in river screaming for help. District: West Point FD Location: South Docks Units: West Point FD, Fort Montgomery FD, Vails Gate FD (M-486/487), C/Newburgh FD (Marine 1) Frequency: OC-911 Weather Conditions: dark / warm Reporters: billy98988 Description: approx times 2145 - West Point FD dispatched for 2 people in the water screaming for help. 2147 - C/Newburgh requested w/ Marine 1 - Command Post in West Point. 2149 - Command requesting Fort Montgomery FD / Vails Gate FD w/ boats to scene. 2155 - Vails Gate FD boat responding to Cornwall Yacht Club for launch. 2157 - Command reports victims out of water, interviewing for additional victims. 2158 - Fort Montgomery resounded for boat to standby. 2203 - Command reports all victims accounted for, cancel the mutual aid boats. 2205 - Command requsting medevac for 1 patient w/ exposure problems. 2220 - Medevac cancelled - vic to be transported via ground.
  9. Date: 05/23/2013 Time: 0100 Incident Type: Structure Fire District: Walden Fire Department Location: 2294 State Route 208 Units: Walden FD, Coldenham FD, Montgomery FD, Maybrook FD, Pine Bush FD, Plattekill FD, Washingtonville FD, Vails Gate FD, Mobile Life EMS, OCSO, Walden PD, +others. Frequency: OC-911 / FG A Weather Conditions: Warm / Dark Reporters: Billy98988 Description: Working fire in a 500 x 20 strip mall approx times.... 0100 - Walden dispatched to above address for a structure fire. 0103 - Walden command o/s reporting smoke showing, req 3rd alarm. 0104 - Command request tanker task force as well. 0110 - Command reports 500 x 20 - 1 story strip mall w/ fire. Fill site to be established. 0120 - Vails Gate FD requested w/ a FAST to scene. 0135 - Command reports main body of fire knocked down, overhaul in progress. 0140 - OC-911 advises command that the 4th alarm minus Montgomery's truck has been dispatched. 0145 - FAST on scene. 0225 - All visable fire knocked down - releasing the FAST - Water ops can break down.
  10. Vails Gate FD 494 no ems.
  11. Vails Gate Fire Dept sent an engine w/ manpower to Nassau County.