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  1. Honestly, and truthfully, you missed the boat on this. There are already MANY prominent IA FB groups.
  2. Ken Flood, Tom O'Gorman, Bob Visconti, Mark Baumblatt, Mark Karn, Billy Rothschild, Tommy Salvatore (RIP), and so many others had a huge impact on me.
  3. Has she taken in her first run yet Chief?
  5. To this day, we still do not have, or use a FASTeam in MY department. Period.
  6. Wow...guess it has been a long time since I left Empress....LOL
  7. Is that still Roone?
  8. Sad but true.....morals and respect are G O N E
  9. Some jackass posted a picture on facebook last night, as the incident was in progress. That BS drives me up a wall.....EVERYONE WANTS TO BE "THAT GUY" THAT HAS THE SCOOP..the first with information, the first to put up a picture. I swear to God some of these sick phucks take pleasure in other's misfortune. Brotherhood my ass. Any MOS who exploits other agencies, members, or departments situations has no place in the "Brotherhood". I am glad the outcome was better than it initially sounded. Get well.
  10. I love it.
  11. I think that sums up what we, the public safety community, shoudl be focusing on - supporting these poor bastards that, yes, run way understaffed, who got bit. It was just a matter of time, and I bet every one of them knew it. And i can guaran-damn-tee that every member on that scene busted their asses and gave their all. Anyone says otherwise, politician, civillian, etc...aint worth the sweat on the balls of the guys on scene. It's not just the Vern either...we all know the other jobs this could happen at...any day.
  12. Oh yeah. Thats a goodun.
  13. I beleive i spoke to them once on MRD as well...