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  1. its nothing more then a political joke! doesn't help the FF'S. he sounds like a 5th grader. yonkers did the same with pagano years back. i feel sorry for the guys in mt vernon.
  2. they made richardson the commissioner?thats politics for you.
  3. what about the other nights and day calls? this is a on going thing in sleepyhollow stop the excuses .
  4. i agree put your SCBA on all the time its all about being safe but maybe he had to do some thing fast or check on some thing? but a stupid remark about he wants CANCER? REALLY that doesn't belong on this site.
  5. he should have a pack on.but you dont why he is doing what he is doing.i see this in nyc all the time so relax NO ONE WANTS CANCER VERY POOR STATEMENT for a trainer like your self to say.
  6. This is all the time. It's a shame the people of Sleepy Hollow do not get the care that they should get. Tarrytown VAC is up there all the time. They should get shut down at best.Peoples lives our on the line.
  7. NYSDOT do not use a wing man its a driver only.
  8. NYSDOT runs the same trucks but in yellow.
  9. not saying any thing abt being on the job.but what makes you think i am not? there you go guys black and white.i believe port chester and tarrytown have the same complement of rigs 2 ladders 4 or 5 engines a rescue and all under 10.4 miles away so say what you want the truthe is the truthe.if your a dispatcher and you send your own dept witch is 10.4 miles away to relocate? other depts also have a half of dozen engines and 2 trucks a rescue with suport equipment lots and lots of man power and tech training also.so why have a cad system? im not talking bad abt ossining at all but how bad the call was you would want sopport there ASAP.but i gues ossining is the answer to all in your mind. you ben in florida to long west has grown with training .but its ok that you dispatch your own dept to relocate 10.4 miles away?im glad my loved ones wernt on that train.greenville has a trained tech rescue team.you have no clue florida. you may not agree with me and i dont care its my thoughts and i posted them you sound a little upset take a break.it is favoritism at best i hear alot of jobs getting dispatched in the county its out there just a matter of time when the bosses pick up on it. the radio and dispatch# thats all. well if your on there run card for back up then you should have ben dispatched to stand by at VFD.
  10. my point the ego.s and power trips not that of the IC but at 60 controls discretion sending family and friends and to the dept they belong to.safety to FF.S and civilians comes first.
  11. the grand scheme should get what you need there sooner then later kinda like a fast team? thats my experience tells me its not a parade.get what you need ASAP.i dont think the dispatchers should have that kind of power to show favoritism to the dept they belong to.
  12. i know all about mutual aid very well and i agree with you to a point.but there is favoritism.
  13. or maybe just maybe the dispatcher is a member of said FD? thats what it is?you have fairview hartsdale sleepyhollow tarrytown just a few miles away.favoritism with few dispatchers i noticed.
  14. they kick me off all the time and never give me a answer? people dont want to know the truthe and if your not part of a crew paid or volunteer they dont want to hear you.its a clown show at best.