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  • Name: R. Stritch
  • Location Trumbull, Ct.
  • Gender Male
  • Agency Southwest Emergency Communications Center (a.k.a. SW-CMED)
  • Past Experience Currently a dispatcher for the Southwest Regional Communications Center (a.k.a. SW-CMED) and have been dispatching since 1991. Member of the Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company # 1 Inc. for 15+ years. Two years as adriver for Trumbull EMS.
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  1. Date: Friday August 1st, 2008 Time: Approximately 09:49 Location: Route 25 Northbound south of Route 111 Frequency: 33.56000 Dispatch Units Operating: Trumbull Car 2, Trumbull Center Engine 103, Monroe EMS, Trumbull EMS Paramedic 905, Trumbull EMS 90?, Trumbull Police, Connecticut State Police Description Of Incident: Writer: SWEMCC70 Trumbull Center was dispatched to Route 25 Northbound south of Route 111 for the motor vehicle rollover with an ejection. Trumbull Car 2 and Engine 103 responded. Trumbull Car 2 was the first fire unit on scene and reported the incident to be on Route 25 Northbound at the State Police turnaround and had a single car mva rollover with ejection. Already on scene was Monroe EMS, Trumbull EMS Paramedic, Trumbull Police and the Connecticut State Police. Engine 103 handled a minor fluid spill and checked for other hazards. Monroe EMS with the Trumbull Paramedic transported the driver. The fire department remained on scene until the State DOT arrived to handle scene blocking and returned to service.
  2. Eck, good luck.
  3. I work at Southwest CMED (lower Fairfield County, Ct) and when a hospital calls in for a diversion (general, psych, trauma, CT scan or cardiac) to us we: tone an announcement over proper Medical Channels for that area including surrounding hospitals, call the local commercial services (AMR, Nelson, Access), call the neighboring CMED (South Central). When units responding to calls sign on with us we once again remind them of the diversion. The units can call in for medical direction for patient destination for any questions to the hospital through us. When the hospital goess off diversion, we repeat the same notifications.
  4. It's a combination of where I work and my employee number (SouthWest Emergency Medical Communications Center 70, a.ka. SW-CMED).
  5. I work in Southwest CMED in the lower portion of Fairfield County. Medical Control notifications/requests can be made first over one of our dedicated frequencies to the various hospitals in our area. If for some reason the unit in the field is in a bad area they are told to call into our center and we can phone patch them to the hospital. We try to get the units to go directly through us, do to the fact that all phone lines and radio channels are taped in the center. This way if something ever happens with the call later on, a request can be made by the agency in question to have our boss pull the tape and make a copy of it for review. If a unit in the field calls directly to the hospital, there's no way to retrieve the calls conversation. We can advise the hospital if requested by a unit in the field to give them a heads up of what's happening on a call and that the unit would contact them shortly. We are not allowed to take orders from the doctor at the hospital and then to give them to the unit in the field. This is more to protect us in case we hear something and relay it incorrectly.
  6. Sunday December 24th 1500 - 2300 Monday December 25th 1100 - 1900 (something like triple time?)
  7. Nice job again.
  8. What can I say. I just watched the video with the music score added to it and I am truely impressed. I can see, that all involved have taken alot of time to plan it and get it working just right. I now have to come and see it in person. Again, let me say great job and have a safe holiday and a successful toy drive.
  9. Attend his presentation a few years ago at the FDIC in Indianapolis (it was one of the presentations that you needed to arrive early because it ends up standing room only). Well put together with lots of different material for illustration. It's a presentation that's worth attending.
  10. Matt, another good job.
  11. How about adding a picture of you at the pump from the burn last weeked. You sure deserve a smack to the back of the head.
  12. Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company # 1 Inc. (a.k.a. Trumbull Center) Engine 102 and Engine 103 - Electric Hurst Simo Power Unit, which connects to two (2) one hundred fifty (150) foot lines with a Hurst Maverick (Combi-Tool) and Hurst O-Cutter pre-attached. Also carried is a medium Hurst Telescoping Ram, Glass master, two (2) step chocks and some additional cribbing for quick stabilization. Units are first due to reported rollovers. Rescue 100 - Electric Hurst power unit which is connected to a front and rear Hurst line, one (1) gas powered Portable Hurst Power Unit, large old style Jaws, Maverick tool, O-Cutter, rams (small, medium and large), compliment of cribbing, spare Hurst lines and other assorted equipment. Unit is first due to reported vehicle rescues both in district and out of district.