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  1. Now that the big 3 are retired from SFRD the volunteers should feel at ease because it was always thought that they were against the volunteers. (although 2 were members of the volunteer departments before joining SFRD) That being said with the new system being put on the November ballot perhaps the former TOR, BFD or Springdale Chief will be appointed as the new Assistant Chief overseeing the volunteer departments. Now thats an incentive to vote for it, don't you think?
  2. Don't you think you may be putting the cart before the horse? The Stamford Fire Chief will certainly confide in his or her staff before any decisions on changes (if any) with regard to the duties and expectations of the firefighters within the volunteer sector of the new mandated (if passed by the referendum) Stamford Fire Department. Additionally, the volunteer firefighters will have a voice in the new system with the Assistant Chief that oversees the volunteers comming out of that system.
  3. If there was a tooth fairy then there will be a public safety building on Haig Avenue! Believe me this is just the figment of imagination by someone trying to stirr up more controversy to an already voltile situation. In fact there has been little or no response to calls for emergencies by the volunteers in the Springdale and Turn of River fire districts. This is fact! There is also a lack of fire marshal services in the Turn of River fire district due to the refusal by Turn of River of an offer to provide those services by the cadre of fire marshals in the City of Stamford. So who is suffering? The general public having to wait for the paid driver of Long Ridge to volunteer to be the fire marshal of record in Turn of River. And at that he has to call the State to get help because he dosn't have the experience to provide that service. It is time to all grow up.