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  1. What is option B? Unless something has changed in the last 3 years since I left CT, there are no paid FDs in Putnam County. Certainly it isn't ideal, but there's no push for full time staffing in Putnam right now, so IMO this is probably the best that can be done with the resources available. You'll get the initial sign up of everyone wanting the cool T-Shirt, and then maybe end up with a dozen or two hardcore people countywide in 6-8 months who will do the training and respond to calls. Better than nothing.
  2. I was only five, but I remember when Marlborough first got R-38-60. Probably my favorite rig when I was a kid.
  3. The Danbury Police Explorers are currently raising money to fund a new van. Their program is one of the largest in New England, when I aged out we had 75 Explorers; now they are up to about 100 members; however, they only have two 15-passenger vans at their disposal. These young men and women do an incredible amount of work to support DPD and the entire Danbury community; including supporting the Patrol Division with traffic, parking, and/or security details for special events, conducting land searches to support missing persons and other Detective Bureau cases, performing Honor Guard duties at ceremonies, among other duties. On average they support about six events per month, and the program receives very little in terms of funding from the City. Please consider donating to help these guys get a new vehicle so they can continue to support events in the western CT area: https://www.gofundme.com/danbury-cadets-need-a-new-van
  4. Deputy Thanks DC Firefighters for Saving His Life After Suffering Heart Attack During Hockey Game By: Fox DC Staff May 23, 2017 Nice job by the DCFD Hockey Team.
  5. So far AMR has been fairly successful down in DC. Right now, DCFD is responding to all medicals. After the initial assessment, if it is determined to be a low priority call, then AMR is dispatched to take the patient. Not exactly the most efficient system, but DC is just dipping its feet into the use of private EMS, so I think this is a measured approach until AMR gains the city leadership's trust. The general consensus from DCFD members I've talked to is that AMR is doing a pretty good job freeing DCFD up for actual emergencies.
  6. There will typically be contract language to address those sort of issues. Not being familiar with CSP's contact, I couldn't tell you.
  7. Prince George's County, MD is at Pierce for the final inspection of HAZMAT 816. Due to the size of the county, PGFD's HAZMAT Team includes three stations. Station 816 (Northview) is located somewhat centrally within the county and has the larger HAZMAT rig. A Breathing Air Unit, Decon Unit, and the Safety Officer also run out of that house. Station 812 (College Park) and Station 845 (Marlboro/Croom) have smaller HAZMAT Support Units (similar to a soda truck) to get things started until 816 arrives. The Technical Rescue Team is set up in a similar fashion for collapse, confined space, and high angle; with a large cache of centralized equipment and two satellite stations. Photos are courtesy of PGFD Fire Chief Benjamin Barksdale on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BenBmbarksdale/status/864226221231616000/photo/1
  8. Date: 24-April-2017 Time: Approximately 0935 Location: 3400 block of Berwyn House Road, College Park, MD Box Area: 12-01 (College Park) Battalion: 884 Channel: 8-Alpha-3, 8-Alpha-5 Weather: Rain Units: Fifth Alarm of Fire units in order of appearance: BOX ALARM: PGFD Riverdale 7 -E807B PGFD Hyattsville 1 -E801 PGFD Chillum-Adelphi 34 -E834 PGFD Greenbelt 35 -E835 PGFD Berwyn Heights 14 -TK814 PGFD Beltsville 31 -TK831 PGFD Bladensburg 9 -TK809 WORKING FIRE: PGFD College Park 12 -E812 Montgomery County Hillandale 12 -TK712 SECOND ALARM: PGFD Chillum 44 -PE844 PGFD Bladensburg 9 -E809 PGFD Bunker Hill 55 -E855 Montgomery County Hillandale 12 -PE712 Montgomery County Silver Spring 16 -TK716 PGFD College Park 12 -TK812 PGFD Berwyn Heights 14 -SQ814 SPECIAL ALARM: PGFD Kentland 33 - RE833 Montgomery County Silver Spring 19 -TW719 THIRD ALARM: PGFD West Lanham 48 -E848 PGFD Landover Hills 30 -PE830 Montgomery County Silver Spring 1 -PE701 PGFD Beltsville 41 -PE841 PGFD Mitchelville 43 -TK843 PGFD Laurel 10 -TW810 PGFD Old Bowie 19 -TW819 SPECIAL ALARM: Montgomery County Takoma Park 2 -E702 PGFD Glenn Dale 18 -E818 Anne Arundel County Glen Burnie 33 -TK33 Howard County Savage 6 -TK06 SPECIAL ALARM: DCFD - E021 PGFD Laurel 10 -E810C FIFTH ALARM: Montgomery County Silver Spring 16 - PE716 PGFD Ritchie 37 - E837C Anne Arundel County Arnold 17 - E17 DCFD -E023 PGFD Chapel Oaks 38 -TK838 Anne Arundel County Waugh Chapel 5 - TW05 Montgomery County Bethesda C/C 1 -SQ741B SPECIAL ALARM: PGFD Beltsville 31 - E831 PGFD Berwyn Heights 14 -SQ814B Numerous additional Chief Officers and support units from PG and other jurisdictions. OTHER AGENCIES: Prince George's County Office of Emergency Management Prince George's County Police Department (including Aviation for Air Recon Chief) Multiple other departments for coverage, including City of Alexandria, VA, Charles County, MD, and Fairfax County, VA. Rundown is courtesy of PG County Public Safety Communications. Unit Codes: E - Engine PE - Paramedic Engine RE - Rescue Engine TK - Truck TW - Tower SQ - Rescue Squad Description: Working fire in a 7-story building under construction. http://pgfdpio.blogspot.com/2017/04/college-park-fire-causes-nearly-40m-in.html
  9. Just what Westchester needs, another jurisdiction.
  10. You could pretty much replace "Westchester County" in the title of this thread with any other jurisdiction in the US and this would still be accurate.
  11. I think Mr. Suarino's letter is excellent, and sheds light on the types of crap that has been going on for years in volunteer departments. Every department I've ever been a part of has had a select group of obstructionist old guys who haven't rode the rigs in 15 years that just love to make life difficult for officers and firefighters that are trying to get things done and move the agency forward.
  12. We have a few Durangos at work. I'm not a fan. Huge blind spots, and the shifter is a dial the size of an air conditioning or stereo volume knob. I'll stick with the Suburbans or Ford Police Utility.
  13. I wonder what effect the wildfire season has. If a FF deploys on a wildfire assignment for a week, are they paid every hour they are on that assignment? I'd assume they would be, since when they're back at basecamp they aren't really free to leave. That might cause someone to rack up a lot of OT hours.
  14. My guess would be because the municipal "leadership" (using that term loosely) in Rye probably recognizes that after the SAFER grant period is up, they will be responsible for paying and providing benefits for any firefighters hired under SAFER. Clearly, paying additional fire personnel is not something they are interested in doing.
  15. Your signature is so appropriate for this post...