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  1. You could pretty much replace "Westchester County" in the title of this thread with any other jurisdiction in the US and this would still be accurate.
  2. I think Mr. Suarino's letter is excellent, and sheds light on the types of crap that has been going on for years in volunteer departments. Every department I've ever been a part of has had a select group of obstructionist old guys who haven't rode the rigs in 15 years that just love to make life difficult for officers and firefighters that are trying to get things done and move the agency forward.
  3. We have a few Durangos at work. I'm not a fan. Huge blind spots, and the shifter is a dial the size of an air conditioning or stereo volume knob. I'll stick with the Suburbans or Ford Police Utility.
  4. I wonder what effect the wildfire season has. If a FF deploys on a wildfire assignment for a week, are they paid every hour they are on that assignment? I'd assume they would be, since when they're back at basecamp they aren't really free to leave. That might cause someone to rack up a lot of OT hours.
  5. My guess would be because the municipal "leadership" (using that term loosely) in Rye probably recognizes that after the SAFER grant period is up, they will be responsible for paying and providing benefits for any firefighters hired under SAFER. Clearly, paying additional fire personnel is not something they are interested in doing.
  6. Your signature is so appropriate for this post...
  7. I believe Orange, CT had an 80's Mack Telesquirt. Not sure if it is still around though.
  8. Great color choice for a team of employees who work on highways where vehicles travel at high rates of speed...
  9. DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency:Program CoordinatorGrade: 14Salary Range: $103,605.00 - $133,476.00Closes: 1/5/2017http://careers.dc.gov/ts2__JobDetail...fyEAC&tSource=Program Coordinator (DC Emergency Response System)Grade: 14Salary Range: $103,605.00 - $133,476.00Closes: 1/4/2017http://careers.dc.gov/ts2__JobDetail...fAEAS&tSource=Fusion Intelligence AnalystGrade: 11Salary Range: $61,491.00 - $79,275.00Closes: 1/2/2017http://careers.dc.gov/ts2__JobDetail...eqEAC&tSource=
  10. I am not familiar with how EMS works in NY, but is it possible that AMR is hiring EMS providers to provide transfer service between facilities? That might explain why they all the sudden need to hire people without having obtained government contracts for any 911 services.
  11. Solid Men In Black reference. Well played.
  12. Thank you Seth, I've seen both of those pages. I'm asking if there is a way to change my preferences so that I do not receive any notifications for any reason. I don't need the emails, I just check the site directly to see if there's something I want to read.
  13. Attached is the Cambridge FD Run Card, which lays out the units dispatched for a 10 Alarm. Cambridge FD Run Card.pdf
  14. Is there a way to completely turn off email notifications that keep filling up my inbox? Right now the only options I see are to get notifications whenever new content is posted, daily summaries, or weekly summaries, unless I manually turn click off the "notify me of replies option".
  15. Very few new Seagrave purchases, with the exception of some VERY well funded volunteer organizations. Lately, DCFD is getting Pierce Wagons and Rescue Squads. New Trucks are Spartans. Still quite a few spare wagons and active duty trucks that are Seagraves. HAZMAT 1 is also a Seagrave if I am not mistaken. All new PGFD county apparatus are Pierce, Fairfax County VA as well.