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  1. E1, E2, E3, E4, T1, T4, R5, and C3 were on scene along with Cos Cob Patrol 2 and Utility 2.
  2. There is only one Field Comm. Unit in service. It is located at the quarters of E233/L176 on Rockaway Ave. in Brownsville/Bed-Stuy.
  3. The firehouse in Old Greenwich is known as Sound Beach. Its a combination house with two paid personnel staffing Engine 5 per shift. All the pieces of apparatus at each firehouse, save the paid rigs, are manned by volunteer personnel from that respective volunteer house. The paid GFD responds to all calls throughout the town. The volunteers also respond to calls in their respective areas and throughout town, and supplement the paid units.
  4. There are currently seven firehouses in the town of Greenwich. Five are combination paid/volunteer (Central, Cos Cob, Byram, Glenville, Sound Beach), one is all volunteer (Round Hill) and one is all paid (North Street). Banksville FD in Westchester County provides some coverage to the northern areas of town. The paid GFD currently operates six engine companies and one truck company. Engine 1, Engine 4, and Engine 8 are staffed by four personnel per shift. Engine 2, Engine 3, and Engine 5 are staffed by two personnel. Ladder 1 is staffed by three. There is also a rescue (Rescue 5) that can be cross-staffed if needed. There are also plans to open another firehouse in northwestern Greenwich, which would be Engine 9. I believe the paid GFD does around 4,000 calls annually. EMS is handled by Greenwich EMS. Greenwich Firehouses: Central Firehouse (Fire Headquarters), Amogerone Vol. Fire Co. 1, Vol. Hose & Chemical Co. 2 - 15 Havemeyer Pl., Downtown* -Engine 1 (4 personnel) -Ladder 1 (3 personnel) -Car 3 (Deputy Chief) -Special Operations 1 (cross staffed incident command unit) -Amogerone Squad 1 -Vol. Hose & Chemical Squad 11 Cos Cob Vol. Fire Co., Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol - 200 E. Putnam Ave. -Engine 2 (2 personnel) -Cos Cob Engine 21 -Cos Cob Tanker 2 -Cos Cob Squad 2 -Cos Cob Utility 2 -Cos Cob Marine 2 -Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol 1 -Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol 2 -Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol Boat Byram Vol. Fire Co. - Delavan Ave. & Mead Ave. -Engine 3 (2 personnel) -Byram Engine 31 -Byram Utility 3 -Decon. Trailer Glenville Vol. Fire Co. - 266 Glenville Rd. -Engine 4 (4 personnel) -Glenville Engine 41 -Glenville Ladder 4 -Glenville Squad 4 -Glenville Utility 4 -Glenville Marine 4 -Decon. Trailer Sound Beach Vol. Fire Co. - 207 Sound Beach Ave. -Engine 5 (2 personnel) -Rescue 5 (cross-staffed) -Sound Beach Engine 51 -Sound Beach Ladder 5 -Sound Beach Squad 5 -Sound Beach Utility 5 -Sound Beach Dive 5 -Sound Beach Tac. 5 -Sound Beach Marine 5 Round Hill Vol. Fire Co. - 166 Old Mill Rd. -Round Hill Engine 61 -Round Hill Engine 62 -Round Hill Tanker 6 -Round Hill Squad 6 North Street Firehouse - 669 North St. -Engine 8 (4 personnel) (*) Central Firehouse currently being rebuilt. Engine 1 and the Deputy Chief are being temporarily housed at Horseneck Ln. & Shore Rd. Ladder 1, Special Operations 1, and Squad 11 are currently being housed at the Cos Cob Firehouse. Squad 1 is currently being housed at the Byram Firehouse.
  5. The location of R2's new quarters will be at Sterling Pl. & Saratoga Ave. across from Eastern Pkwy. in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, about a mile and a half from their current quarters at 1472 Bergen St. in Crown Heights. I believe R2's collapse rig will also be quartered at the new house.
  6. Merry Christmas to all the members of this site and their families. Hope all those working today have a safe tour. To our troops serving here and overseas on this Christmas Day, may they all come home safe to their families. May God bless and protect them always.
  7. The paid departments in Westchester have had companies disbanded over the years. Yonkers: Engine 1 - 5-7 New School St. - Disbanded January 1, 1976 Engine 302 - 53 Shonnard Pl. - Disbanded July, 1983 Engine 305 - 5-7 New School St. - Disbanded 1982 Engine 311 - 433 Bronxville Rd. - Disbanded 2004 (Became Squad 11) Ladder 76 - 433 Bronxville Rd. - Disbanded 1982 Squad 1 - 5-7 New School St. - Disbanded March 6, 2000 (To reorganize Rescue 1) New Rochelle: Engine 20 - 496 Stratton Rd. Engine 26 - 60 Harrison St. (Originally quartered at 1530 North Ave.) In New Rochelle up until the 1970s, Engine 21/Ladder 11 were quartered on Huguenot St., Engine 22 and the Battalion Chief were at HQ at 14 Church St., Engine 23/Ladder 13 were at 756 North Ave., Engine 24 was at 155 Drake Ave., Engine 25/Ladder 12 were at 170 Webster Ave., Engine 26 was at 1530 North Ave. Engine 20 was at the new Station 7 at 496 Stratton Rd. Engine 20 was disbanded when Engine 25 moved to Stratton Rd. during the 1970s. Engine 26 moved from North Ave. to the quarters of Engine 21/Ladder 11 on Harrison St. until it was disbanded. Engine 22 moved from Church St. to 170 Webster. and the Battalion moved from Church to Harrison St. There was also a Lighting Unit quartered on Harrison St. at the time. Mount Vernon: Engine 1 - 9-11 Oak St. Engine 2 - 9-11 Oak St. Squad 1 - 9-11 Oak St. Chemical 1 - 23 S. 6th Ave. Chemical 2 - 151 S. Fulton Ave. Chemical 3 - 446 S. 5th Ave. Chemical 4 - ? In Mount Vernon during the 1970s, Engine 1/Engine 2 were at 9-11 Oak St., Engine 3/Engine 4 were at 211 S. 4th Ave. (HQ), Engine 5/Truck 3 were at 435 S. Fulton Ave., Engine 6/Truck 2 were at 470 E. Lincoln Ave., Truck 1 was at 23 S. 6th Ave. (formerly Chemical 1), and Rescue 1 was at 151 S. Fulton Ave. (Formerly Chemical 2). Engine 2 used to be on E. Sidney Ave. before they moved to Oak St. Engine 6 had formerly been on S. 3rd Ave. between 1st and 2nd St.'s s before they moved to E. Lincoln Ave. Truck 1 had formerly been at 211 S. 4th before they moved to S. 6th Ave. Truck 2 had been at 9-11 Oak St. before they moved to E. Lincoln. Also, Chemical 4 became Engine 6. Mount Vernon recently went from 5 engines down to 4, losing Engine 2. White Plains: Engine 4 - 232 S. Lexington Ave. Engine 5 (aka 69) - Robertson Ave. & Harding Ave. - Early 1970s Eastchester: Engine 28 - 25 Underhill St. Rescue 5 - 2 Poplar St. Not sure of the dates when the Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, or Eastchester companies were disbanded. I'm sure I'm missing a few, including the volunteer companies. Feel free to correct or add to this list.
  8. Wasn't 304's new Ferrara originally assigned to 313?
  9. Norwalk, CT's Engine 2 will be getting a new 2015 KME Engine, which should be in service next month. Engine 4 will also be getting an identical KME in a few months. https://www.facebook.com/NorwalkFire...02839106470657
  10. Date: 8/28/2015 Time: 17:15hrs. (Approx.) Location: 333 Walnut St. District: Yonkers (Nodine Hill) Units: YFD E306, E303, E309, E312, TL71, L72, TL75(FAST), B1, B2(Safety), SQ11, R1; YPD Description: Battalion 1 transmitted a 10-30 (All Hands) for fire on the 2nd floor, rear of a 3-story wood-frame dwelling. 2 L/S/O's. Quick k/d. FAST and Safety canceled en route.
  11. Date: 8/28/2015 Time: 12:35hrs. (Approx.) Location: 245 Larchmont Ave. District: Larchmont Units: LFD E33, E34, TL7, R1, C2221; NRFD E21, TL11, R4, R54 (Collapse Unit), C2301, C2302; LVAC A66-A-1, A66-A-2; MEMS AD68-A-1; WCDES B15, B19; LPD Description: Collapse of a front roof overhang of a restaurant. No injuries. http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/2015/08/28/larchmont-roof-collapse/71312416/
  12. Date: 8/28/2015 Time: 05:00hrs. (Approx.) Location: 200 Valentine Ln. District: Yonkers (Ludlow) Units: YFD E303, E306, E308, E307, E304, E309, E313, E310, L74, TL71, L72(FAST), TL75(S/C 2nd FAST), L73, L70, B1, B2(Safety), SQ11, R1, MSU1; YPD; Empress EMS Description: Fire on the 6th floor, rear w/extension into the cockloft of a 7-story brick "H" type OMD. http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/yonkers/2015/08/28/fire-yonkers-valentine-lane/71294684/ http://westchester.news12.com/news/6-injured-in-yonkers-apartment-fire-on-valentine-lane-1.10785055
  13. Date: 8/24/2015 Time: 00:30hrs. Location: 43 Sherwood Ave. District: Yonkers (Southeast) Units: YFD E313, E307, SQ11, E312, L73, TL75, L70(FAST), B2, B1(Safety), R1; YPD Description: Fire on the 2nd floor of a P/D. 00:35hrs. - Rescue 1 advising Battalion 2 of a 10-29(Working Fire) on the 2nd floor. 00:48hrs. - Battalion 2 reporting fire is out, companies opening up.
  14. http://westchester.news12.com/news/yonkers-to-build-1st-new-firehouse-in-3-decades-1.10737368#autoplay=true