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  1. It seems like every business in manhattan delivers. From frozen yogurt to McDonalds.
  2. Some additional questions: are they solely responsible for their districts or do they buff FDNY calls like the volunteer EMS agencies?
  3. You have to be affiliated with a NYS EMS agency in order to recert by CME in NY, so if your working in NJ only and just want to keep your NY card, you need to recert through a traditional refresher. In order to recert in NY by CME, you need to have a program administration/instructor who oversees the entire program. The answer to your questions are up to the administrator's discretion as they will ultimately be the ones certifying that you have meet the recert requirements. In my experience, CMEs from out of state were accepted for the 48 elective hours but the 24 core hours had to be completed in house with the program administrator. But again, this could vary depending on your admin.
  4. Thanks everyone, I was refetring to their NYC branch specifically.
  5. Does Hatzolah work with FDNY or another agency to provide ALS to their patients or is it a strictly BLS only service? I have heard all of the stories about Hatzolah and I fully understand their negative reputation in the EMS community - please, let's not go there. My elderly Jewish grandmother feels most comfortable calling this agency when she needs help. She has always been very satisfied with the care she has received from them and takes comfort in receiving care from individuals with her background and whom she can relate to. Despite all the negative things I have seen and read I though that this mental comfort for her was important and never raised any concern. However, today I was thinking about whether or not they can provide ALS care. If not, this would certainly be enough of a concern that I would suggest to her that they would not be able to provide the most appropriate care for her and that she should call 911.
  6. NYS DOH: Authorizing Private Vehicles as EASV's (Use of Red Lights & Sirens) Assuming the organization follows these guidelines, they are legally authorized to run red lights and sirens in their POVs.
  7. I disagree, whats on the street is public for everyone, what's inside your home is private. Everything inside of your home is not in public view and shouldn't become so just because you called the fire department.
  8. How do privacy concern play into this? I know the fire service is not obliged to the same privacy standards as EMS, but how would your community feel if footage of their home is posted to youtube? I know I wouldn't be happy.
  9. I listened to the police tapes of the shooting and heard the police repetitively requesting ambulances but never declaring that the situation was under control or that the scene was safe. At one point the officers were requesting EMS respond inside the theater and was offering police officers to "guard" them. I can understand that the police on scene encountered a horrific scene and all they wanted to do was help the injured, but they either did not realize that EMS would not respond in until the situation was under control or they were simply not thinking given the situation.
  10. Also FD/EMS radio traffic:
  11. Yes, if you are looking to become nationally registered or are already nationally registered.
  12. No, already certified.
  13. The NREMT is requiring current providers to take a "state approved" transition course to transition to the new EMT curriculum. I know New York doesn't recognize the National Registry but does anyone know if there are any plans to offer a "state approved" transition course? If not what other options are EMTs left with? More info on the transition can be found on the NREMT website
  14. Can someone explain to me why this was the preferred means of transport instead of truck, train or boat? Seems like either would have been more efficient.
  15. This is all I could think of while reading this post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzYxz_uvtSI