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  1. Welcome to EMTBravo.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  2. Hi Hopefully the experts here will be able to assist! I have a BC 346XTC and use Freescan with Radio Ref tables to program it (that works real well). 2 questions to further tailor the unit for my needs: A) I'm still getting bus traffic on the South trunk channel - I see the group IDs in the RR website but can't see any way either in Freescan or on the radio itself to block those IDs. Any help appreciated! Ok, I'm an FDNY buff!. I programmed a system for FDNY freqs but can't really afford to listen to a channel held open nearly all day! I don't want to delete the whole system but would like to lock out the system (not channel by channel, pls) easily at the radio. Again, any help is appreciated thx pcfd64
  3. Last week, the Washington Park family learned that Kendyl Nethercott, age 9, daughter of Joe Nethercott, is being treated for childhood leukemia. Kendyl is the granddaughter of Past Chief Bill Nethercott and related to many other Washington Park members. She is being treated at a hospital in NYC at this time. The Port Chester Fire Department is quickly arranging a BLOOD DRIVE in support of Kendyl and the Nethercott family. The Drive will be held on Tuesday, November 21 from 3 to 8:30 PM at the South End Firehouse, Grace Church St, Port Chester. As many of us have learned illnesses like this require a lot of support so we are asking all members, families and friends to make a blood donation. You may reply to this posting with any questions. Thank You The Members of Washington Park
  4. I'm sure all will appreciate this one. In my Dept a couple of us put together a 'probie' class meant specifically to tell new members what is expected of them and impart some of the traditions that are important to us as a Dept and the fire service and as a prep/intro for FF1 training. We were told after the first class that the new members thought that calling it a 'probie class' was demeaning to them!!!!!! The class is now called the New Firefighter Orientation Class just so we don't offend those PROBIES!!!!
  5. New this year, the first Firefighter's Bowling Tournament of Westchester. Being organized by a committee of the Port Chester Firefighters Bowling League Date: Sunday December 11 Time: Check-in 12 noon, bowling starts at 12:30 Place: White Plains Bowl on Rt 119 For additional details, contact Joe at 760 - 6570
  6. Two issues I've come across w/ this topic: 1) If your website is in any way the 'official' site for your Dept there often are discussions to NOT include a members section as excluding the public from a village/town/county agency's info is not deemed acceptable. I don't agree w/it but that's what I've run into putting together a site for my Dept. 2) This one will get you - a lot of members do not want to be part of any service where their email address might be 'public' to any level. It's bizzare that many members steer away from a very good communications tool!!! It drives me nuts. Last frustration - you can go through putting together a decent site and as soon as you have the framework set up the trail of content dries up. If any site is going to be sucessful it needs current content which means people actually taking the time to contribute.
  7. Best I've had was at the Kona Brewing Company in HI. Take a Bobili style crust, pesto sauce and add artichokes, sundried tomatos, chicken chunks (if you want a real meal) and cover w/ mozz and parm cheese. Put that together w/ a Kona Brew Longboard Lager and looking out over the Pacific - can't think of anything better!
  8. It is with regret that we announce the passing of Past Chief Vincent Rathgeb. Chief Rathgeb was a 50+ year member of Washington E&H Co #4 and led the Port Chester Fire Dept as Chief from 1972 to 1974. Department Services will be held at a wake on Monday, April 4 (time TBD but assume 1900) at Craft Funeral Home on Leicester Ave. The funeral will be held on Tuesday morning (details to be announced).
  9. Port Chester FD will be attending w/host company Mellor Hose.
  10. One issue w/ Mutual Aid is something I learned from the Rye Brook/ Rural Metro debacle. The court ruled that the governing body has sole responsibility for determining its fire coverage - the Home Law rule. That puts the direction of fire protection into hands of people that typically have little or no experience in the field! Those same people are challenged to bring their budgets in on plan, etc so our fire priorities find their way down the list quickly. Second - and something politicians rely on - is that there is no AUTHORITY in Westchester that has say on whether any community's fire plan is sufficient and therefore eligable for mutual aid. You can comment all you want but there is no one at the County or State level that is charged w/ monitoring or approving a fire coverage plan. Rye Brook used that to hire Rural Metro's plan of only 4 full time staff-period - and let the rest of us bear the burden via mutual aid. Fortunately (I hope) the lesson was learned but that remains to be seen.
  11. [Hi All I called the contact # in the Westchester Volunteer newspaper ad for the Antique Muster and Chile cookoff. I received a return call from Annette at the West Cty Parks Dept who reported that the Med Center had pulled out as of yesterday and therefore the Muster and Chile contest were being cancelled. Can anyone confirm this or have better info?? thx