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  1. NYSTA does not do black hoods, that's a DOT thing.
  2. Wow, another can of worms......My heart felt sympathy's to his family & yfd. I did not know Jef......But know many like him!! @ hfd219....yes they had to report it....that's their job! At gss131 Do you know what goes on in Westchester? I am in no way bashing a hero......he did his job & did it well! The facts are the facts! Lets just let sleeping dogs lie & let a Firefighter Rest In Peace!!!!
  3. Emt quits after being suspended for saving a 4 y/o life because he drove the bus.........way to go Ellenville Board of Directors!!!!! Ask the parents how they feel!!!!!!
  4. Call me crazy....." NYPD POLICE" New York City Police Dept Police......Isnt that Internal affairs????
  5. @pjm1733.....do you mean Professional or Paid??
  6. To clarify.... it was Empress units......NOT American Ambulette!
  7. Then we probably know each other x129.....Do you remember when Dan Jr came home from college & hung out with "US"....When Dan Sr passed & we had all our available units parked sideways on S'Bway for his funeral procession to pass?
  8. I will KNOCK Empress all I want to!!! Been there done that!!!! Before the Minerva family forced out Wes Hyde.....by the way was the 2nd owner of Empress. Wes bought the company after Jerry passed away! He ran it until he merged with American Ambulette & the Minerva family. When Dan Minerva senior passed.....they ran Wes Hyde out! Reserch........I lived it!!!
  9. Sorry, let me clarify......if they are licensed to operate in NY.....why are people bitching?
  10. Just want to get this right.... A firefighter drove a rig to the scene & he was not a certified MPO?
  11. Do you have an answer BUD!!!!!!
  12. And the problem with EMstar is????
  13. Just another way to get funds......Really? A private ambulance company that has city contracts needs SOD? If they lose the next contract, where do the funds go? To the next ems provider?
  14. Robert was also a maintence worker for the NYS Thruway, he will be missed.....R.I.P.