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  1. On a partially related note - and while I moved out of NY a long time ago, I am back semi-regularly - I saw a NYSP Taurus (Ford PI sedan) at LGA, and it appeared to be a REALLY dark blue or Black. looking through these pics - I see several shades on relatively recent vehicles from multiple manufacturers. Are they no longer standardizes on the old "Sunoco" blue? are the darker cars for certain units?
  2. Seth - just curious - are the tiller drawn apparatus interchangeable 0 ie: can they pull a tractor and replace it with a spare - keeping the unit in service while a tractor is in the shop? Also - there are some obvious differences in the Tractor for the TDA and for the USAR - would they be otherwise interchangeable other than the cabinetry?
  3. Also - remember that the Town/Village of Harrison, like many other municipalities in Westchester is protected by not 1, not 2, but 3 different fire departments (Harrison, West Harrison, and Purchase)
  4. Went to a wetdown once somewhere in the Great Neck, NY area, about 30 years ago (damn, I'm getting old) - no idea what department or where specifically - doesn't matter... One wise guy climbed aboard an engine and intended to spray the new engine/truck with a deck monitor, and as he swung the monitor around toward the intended victim, he blew the dome off the rooflight on his own pumper with the monitor stream.
  5. Is it the same green as the old EMS uniforms (and sanitation and parks are or were green too, no)?
  6. Just curious - at 45W how long does the battery last?
  7. Well not to pick on any one department, but - one might say they (as is every other department in the area) are surrounded by an ocean of engines too, but I would never bring that up.
  8. Well - when I lived/worked up there - 99% of the areas that now have independent Medic response (ie: N Westchester, Putnam, etc.) did not so the patient waited thru multiple tone outs to get anybody at all
  9. So by waiting for AFTER the 3rd tone failure, your response time is already 9-15 minutes and the patient is dead.
  10. Not living in the county any more I am behind the times - what is bringing this on?
  11. BTW - is there no longer a way to edit a post for typos and the like?
  12. OK, and I make my own typo in pointing it out