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  1. There are a half dozen of these Stewart & Stevenson mil surplus trucks in the cache now for use as high axle vehicles. Photos on my website.
  2. Croton Falls Utility 28 is sold. New tanker on order with delivery around the end of this year.
  3. This is despicable and disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves for penny pinching at the risk of the resident's lives. Unbelievable. Brothers in Local 1971 Stay Strong!
  4. Greenville E704 the 97 KME formerly of Bryn Mawr, PA is listed for sale.
  5. These got stuck in the snow (and King Andy didn't like that) so they have ordered new 4x4s that will mimic the FDNY high axle vehicles much closer. Theyre delivered but not completely upfitted. 3 of these were originally lettered for NYSP, later stripped and repainted black to match DHSES scheme. 2 Others are DOT yellow with the DHSES logo on the door.
  6. https://www.flickr.com/photos/piercemfg/22525661926/in/dateposted/ Beacon will be delivered soon...
  7. Lenco Bear with the ramp
  8. Bedford Hills will purchase a tandem walk-in heavy rescue, most likely Seagrave.
  9. Did Scarsdale get a new pumper or did I just miss this? (In the background): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152519514092005&set=pcb.306780056192622&type=1&theater Edit: Looks like it is new: http://www.spartanerv.com/delivery.aspx?id=55782 2014 Spartan ERV MetroStar - 1500/500
  10. This is a very serious situation, The Union and the department are doing everything in our power to keep that company open. If they close, everyone suffers. #SaveLadder1 Latest information provided by our Union. https://www.facebook.com/appfal2007
  11. While this isn't a rescue pumper, the difference shouldn't be so dramatic. Tools and all this was 347k from the same manufacturer, it's not fancy but it certainly gets the job done.
  12. Nice stuff!
  13. Happy birthday!