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  1. 2272 is OOs...car 2273 was on scene...ccvac was on scene EMT Driver alone.
  2. 2 problems I have with this. 1: as a student athlete I NEVER had a good nights sleep. Especially when I had homework on the weekends or week nights. There was nights where I was in bed by 1am. 2: should work with the school and make rules. If your department tones out more then 2x for the same call then the students should be able to go and be excused with a note from the chief with a call number and to ask the chief if the student was on the call. Final food for thought, you as a department can not mess with someone's service award points. It's against the law!!!
  3. Looks good for an 18 year old pumper. LED upgrades look nice on it
  4. Mike my understanding new officer fly cars. 8804 and 8805 will be for MCI and Rehab response
  5. All good. Nice to see that the ladder tower term goes back to he Middle Ages.
  6. If I didn't care I wouldn't have posted the question. Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer my questions. Y'all have a good day
  7. FAS teams should be there for the entire incident. As long as there is interior work being done they should be there. Heck even for exterior work. You never know when or what will happen. It's always better to be safe then sorry.
  8. Nice looking truck. Would be nice to see one around here
  9. Thanks guys for your answers. So now I ask this question: why does Westchester call all ladder towers, tower ladders?? Clearly here we have both types. If it's been LT 1 for years why was it changed to TL 1??
  10. If it was only that easy mike
  11. I've heard that there are differences between Ladder Towers and Tower Ladders. Was wondering If this is true.
  12. Cortlandt VAC 2 Chevy Tahoes. Should be delivered any day
  13. No different then having a blessing of the truck. It's only words. And strong words at that.
  14. Thanks for all your answers. Bill i would like to know more about that program. maybe you and I could discuss it more later on.
  15. There has got to be a way that us as EMS first responders, police officers can do. just seems to be the low point on everyones check list. all the politicians are caught up in the gun control effort and not the real problem.