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  1. https://paladincenterny.com/training/courses/fire-services/66/Handling-Elevator-Emergencies
  2. https://paladincenterny.com/training/courses/fire-services/71/Firefighter-Rehabilitation-and-Medical-Monitoring-A-Guide-to-NFPA-1584-2008
  3. https://paladincenterny.com/training/courses/fire-services/66/Handling-Elevator-Emergencies This course is designed for trained professionals that respond to emergencies involving stalled elevators. Emergency personnel with adequate training in “Handling Elevator Emergencies” are exposed to an increased risk of injury or death to both the victim and themselves. This comprehensive course will provide emergency responders with intensive classroom training in nomenclature, safety and other aspects of elevators and elevator emergencies. TOPICS COVERED: - Nomenclature - Safety - How an elevator functions - Elevator safety devices - Possible equipment needed - Initial response steps - Restarting a stalled elevator - Lock/out – tag/out procedures - Elevator doors - Use of hoistway door keys/pick tools - Poling - Removal of passengers from stalled elevators - Fireman service (phase 1/phase2) - Manually lowering a hydraulic elevator COST $35/ $25 For registration prior to 5/5/15 to register visit https://paladincenterny.com/training/courses/fire-services/66/Handling-Elevator-Emergencies Michael A. Dragonetti is a 20-year veteran firefighter with the Stamford (CT) Fire-Rescue Department, assigned to Rescue Company 1. He is a New York and Connecticut state-certified fire service instructor, presented courses in elevator operations at the Fire Department of New York Technical Rescue School (2002-2005), and has been an instructor at FDIC since 2003. Prior to developing and teaching “Handling Elevator Emergencies” in 1999, he had extensive experience in the New York City metropolitan area constructing, modernizing, maintaining, and repairing elevators and escalators with one of the largest elevator companies in the world.
  4. Danny....What else can i say but.....I really miss those days. Funny how after all these years we (129,307,911,700,701,x635...) have a strong yearning for a place, time, and system that in its own day disgusted us... you are certainly one of the best 129...
  5. Barry i am surprised you didn't correct Marc on that. It was JP Monahans Restaurant. The name changed to Marty Doyles when it was rebuilt. I was at the Hommocks Ice Rink that day and i can remember seeing the smoke from there.
  6. You are there too Danny...I think i even put a pic up of ya...Check it out
  7. As you can tell by my # of posts, I normally stay out emtbravo stuff. Having met JC about a year and 1/2 ago, and knowing his incredible reputation in the fire service, I believe a great injustice has been committed in MV. I hope and pray for a quick and satisfactory resolve for you. Hopefully to include LT. bars. -MPB Greenville FD #67 Just a thought (and not a dig), in a society that one would hope is racially equal, how is it that an organization such as the Vulcan Society is not considered racially prejudice? 1 Brotherhood????????
  8. or short sleeve uniform shirts when it is 10below and snowing...
  9. my first overnight shift with oneeye, we were assigned post 3. He said a knew a great place to hide and sleep. Turns out we were in Bronxville off pondfield road. Bostwick found us and gave us a really hard time. 129K what about our winter overnight on post 4(also 25) off Dobbsferry Rd and the Sprain? Also..here is another blast from the past, (McGovern should know this ooh too well) last week on CSI they made a reference to a person in the story call the "whickham beast."
  10. worked at Empress 1995 - 2003 loved every minute of it, especially YO and MV Learned from many great people: Liver, Rothschild, Ulrich, Lockkwood, Lindholm, Frank, Valerioti, Di Megglio, Hinchey, Perkins, Netherocot(oneye), Visconti, Mancuso, Worked with some of the best Supervisors: Curtis Mast, Bob Visconti, Ray Cordi, Tommy Sal(RIP), Frank Mancuso, Steve Wilson, Alfreda Massey, Dennis Murphy Worked with some of the best AEMT/EMT's and Dispatchers: 129K, Califano*2, Ron Brown, J Re, Tony Martyn, Bill Bailly, Jim Discuillo, Kevin Lynch, oswegowind, Coolio Cruz, Sanjurjo, Seguin, Gjertsen, Otto, Steinkraus, Mahoney, Agnese, McDonald, McGovern, Parker, x901, x635, Figuroa, Bob Figura Rahilly, RWC130, Keith McCartney, Berens, Martinez(RIP), Chapman(RIP), Perales(RIP), Budnick, Baumblatt*2, Fragano, Stevens, Jefferies, If i missed anyone i am sorry and i will add later. Yonkers was some of the best learning experiences i have ever had.
  11. As you can see by my # of posts...I generally keep to myself. I have to agree with Alpha on just about everything he is saying. Many of you are stuck on certain aspects of his statement and are drawing a perception that he is totally bashing all volunteers. Not the case. As he has said, the crew that he works with regularly takes it 100% seriously. I agree that your day to day volunteer EMSers are truly missing the point. I like many other who posted on this comment began my EMS career as an impressionable (YOUNG) volunteer. Some 15years later i think i have been around a little and now can formulate an opinion. I have seen and worked with numerous a VAC agency and NOT ALL are the same. Not all VAC members/EMT are the same. I would like to think that when i see an ambulance (PAID or VOLUNTEER) that everyone on board has a clue. Much to my dismay, this usually is not the case. Face it folks EMS as a whole is on a steady decline. To sum it up paid or volunteer it is about the Patient. If it takes paying someone to drive and ambulance or to be a career an EMT to get better response times than that is what needs to be done. The one thing i hate hearing is "it will ruin volunteerism." It is not about the volunteers it is about the patient and what it will take to get him/her the care they need QUICKLY. p/s roeems87 I could only guess which agency you volunteer with (EVAC). If that is the case than your system is different...more of a model for VACs. EVAC embraces paid personnel. They even hire their own. Paid/Volunteer coexists well, and in my opinion provide timely EMS care...Even with 2nd and 3rd simultaneous hits. Kudos!
  12. Cheeks...do i count as old Abbey?