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Yonkers - Working Fire 01-30-12

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Date: 01-30-12

Time: 18:35hrs.(Approx.)

Area: Park Hill

Location: 43 Currans Ln.(Bing Maps)

Frequency: Yonkers Fireground

Weather Conditions: Cold

Description Of Incident: Car 7 o/s transmitting a 10-29(Working Fire) on the top floor of a 3-story wood-frame OMD. M/A and Callback units responding. Fire on the 3rd floor and walls w/extension to cockloft. All companies working. Numerous L/S/O's. Ladder Companies opening up. All searches negative w/no injuries reported. Incident occured during 3rd Alarm Fire at 33 Lincoln Terr. Units released from 3rd Alarm and responded to fire.


Writer: sfrd18

Units Operating: YFD, FDMV(M/A), Greenville FD(M/A), NRFD(M/A), WPFD(M/A); YPD; Empress EMS; Red Cross

Box Assignment:

Engine 317, Engine 314, FDMV Engine 4, Greenville FD Engine 150, Engine 309, Engine 306

Ladder 78, Ladder 73, Tower Ladder 75, New Rochelle FD Ladder 12

Rescue 1

Battalion 3

Car 7

18:40hrs. - Car 7 o/s transmitting a 10-29(Working Fire).

18:49hrs. - Battalion 3 o/s. Battalion 3 has command. Fire on the 3rd floor of a 3-story wood-frame OMD w/extension into cockloft.

19:10hrs. - Battalion 3 reporting fire is k/d. Companies opening up and overhauling.

20:27hrs. - Battalion 3 holding 3 & 2 from YFD.

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