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City of Newburgh - 2nd Alarm - 11/10/17

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Date: 11/10/17
Time: 1425hrs
Location: 205 Liberty St/Campbell St
District: City of Newburgh 



Weather: Cold/Windy 
Units: NFD C4 (IC), C3, E1, E3, T1, E10/T10 (call back), West Point (Truck), Air Guard (Engine), Castle Point (Engine)
Writer: BFD1054

Description: Working Fire 

1425hrs (approx)-OC911 alerting 2nd Alarm companies; West Point (Truck) & Air Guard (Engine) to the scene, Middlehope and Cronomer Valley to stand by Public Safety Building. 


1430hrs-Dispatch advising Command that E10 abd T10 have been re-hired, as well as an Assistant Chief.


1437hrs-Dispatch looking for a progress report. Command advising all hands working, (2) lines in operation, fire on the 3rd floor and into the cockloft, waiting for mutual aid to arrive with "plenty of work for them."


1448hrs-Command advising West Point and Air Guard working, companies checking exposures. 


1450hrs-E10 on scene.


1453hrs-Dispatch conducting status check. Command advising (1) line in the exposure building, crews still operating the 2nd and 3rd floor of the fire building.


1456hrs-West Point relieving T1's crew on the roof.


1457hrs-Command advising that the FAST is on scene. 


1459hrs-Command requesting Dispatch recall (1) member for Cause and Origin.


1505hrs-Command requesting Red Cross.


1510hrs-40 minute status check. Command advising interior fire in knocked down, crews working on exterior fire, all 2nd Alarm companies commited, 1st Alarm companies taking a breather.


1523hrs-Command placing the fire under control, all hands still working, holding all 1st & 2nd Alarm companies.


*All times are approximate 

Edited by BFD1054
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